'The Great Tree-Aloe of Damaraland' (Aloe dichotoma)

'The Great Tree-Aloe of Damaraland' (Aloe dichotoma). © RBG KEW

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Oil on canvas. Inscribed in paint on verso of canvas 'The Great Tree-Aloe of Damaraland, South West Africa, about 20 feet in height, the crown of leaves and flowers more than 20 feet in Diameter: the Stem about 12 feet in circumference. Near Anison or horned Owl peaks on Andersson's New Road. Sketched May 25th 1861. T.BAINES'. The original field sketch for this painting is also held in Kew's collections. This oil painting was almost certainly executed later, possibly even in London; the result of which being that the date given for the sketch is different from that of the painting, which is unknown. Baines didn't mention ostriches in his journal at the time of sketching this Aloe, but he had attempted, unsuccessfully, to shoot one around two weeks earlier, and again in August of the same year.

Copyright © RBG KEW

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Date: 3rd December 2007

Author: Baines, Thomas (1820-1875)

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Associated Categories: Landscapes

Keywords:  19th century  aloaceae  aloe dichotoma  animal  arid lands  bird  desert  expedition  exploration  explorer  landscape painting  south west africa  thomas baines collection  tree

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