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Decabelone barklyi, (Dyer) N.E. Br Featured Botanical Art Image

Decabelone barklyi, (Dyer) N.E. Br

Hand coloured lithograped, colour proof for plate 6203, from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, published 1st December 1875. Hand-coloured lithograph. According to Joseph Dalton Hooker, this species has been found in Little Namaqualand and in the Karoo, near the Orange River. The original illustration is partly based upon a drawing for which Kew is indebted to Mrs. Barber and partly upon specimens which flowered at Kew


Flowers and Fruit of Prunus mume Featured Botanical Art Image

Flowers and Fruit of Prunus mume

Flowers and Fruit of Prunus mume from "The Useful Plants of Japan, described and illustrated" published by the Agricultural Society of Japan, 1895. Prunus mume, the Chinese plum or Japanese apricot, traditionally heralds early spring. Ume were originally cultivated for their fruits, and used to make pickles, but the beauty of the trees' blossoms led to associations including resilience, longevity and good health, as well as inspiring poets and artists


Garcinia pedunculata, Roxb Featured Botanical Art Image

Garcinia pedunculata, Roxb

Watercolour on paper, no date (late 18th, early 19th century). Hand painted copy of an illustration commissioned by William Roxburgh (1751-1815). In 'Flora Indica', Roxburgh reports that this species is "a native of Rungpoor, where the tree is indigeneous". He adds that "flowering time [is from] January till March" and also how "the fleshy part of the fruit which covers the seeds and their proper juicy envelope, or aril, is in large quantity, of a firm texture and of a very sharp, pleasant, acid taste. It is used by the natives in their curries, and for acidulating water"