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botanical art/marianne north/547 view river rajahs garden sarawak
547. View of the River from the Rajah's Garden, Sarawak
botanical art/marianne north/492 clove fruit view mahe seychelles
492. The Clove in fruit, and view over Mahe, Seychelles
botanical art/marianne north/481 moon reflected turtle pool seychelles
481. Moon reflected in a turtle pool, Seychelles
botanical art/marianne north/466 smelt fishing port victoria mah seychelles
466. Smelt-Fishing at Port Victoria, Mah, Seychelles
botanical art/marianne north/435 protea golden breasted cuckoo south africa
435. Protea and Golden-breasted Cuckoo, of South Africa
botanical art/marianne north/342 looking bazaar lake nynee tal kumaon nort
342. Looking down the Bazaar and Lake of Nynee Tal, Kumaon, Nort
botanical art/marianne north/294 sacred lotus pudma
294. The Sacred Lotus or Pudma
botanical art/marianne north/285 great lily nainee tal north india
285. The Great Lily of Nainee Tal, in North India
botanical art/marianne north/283 dibee dhoora dee deodar trees kumaon i
283. Dibee Dhoora Dee, with its Well and Deodar trees, Kumaon, I
botanical art/marianne north/282 a himalayan oak birds nainee tal india
282. A. Himalayan Oak and Birds, Nainee Tal, India
botanical art/marianne north/276 road nainee tal india spring time
276. Road up to Nainee Tal, India, in Spring time
botanical art/marianne north/268 temple dell binsur kumaon india
268. Temple in a Dell, Binsur, Kumaon, India
botanical art/marianne north/253 wild flowers kumaon india
253. Wild Flowers of Kumaon, India
botanical art/marianne north/224 study cereals cultivated kumaon india
224. Study of Cereals cultivated in Kumaon, India
botanical art/marianne north/127 foliage flowers cinnamon tree
127. Foliage and Flowers of the Cinnamon Tree
botanical art/marianne north/119 foliage flowers fruit nutmeg tree humming
119. Foliage, flowers and fruit of the Nutmeg tree, and Humming
botanical art/marianne north/1 victoria regia
1. Victoria regia
botanical art/marianne north/488 mandrinette mountain home pitcher plant
488. Mandrinette and mountain home of the Pitcher Plant in the distance
botanical art/oryza sativa l rice
Oryza sativa, L. (Rice)
botanical art/heliconia buccinata roxb
Heliconia buccinata, Roxb
botanical art/eugenia malaccensis willd
Eugenia malaccensis, Willd
botanical art/erythrina indica willd
Erythrina indica, Willd
botanical art/caesalpinia sappan willd
Caesalpinia sappan, Willd
botanical art/butea frondosa willd
Butea frondosa, Willd
botanical art/gossypium herbaceum willd cotton
Gossypium herbaceum, Willd. (Cotton)
botanical art/nymphaea rubra r
Nymphaea rubra, R
botanical art/nelumbium speciosum willd lotus
Nelumbium speciosum, Willd. (Lotus)
botanical art/dillenia speciosa thunb
Dillenia speciosa Thunb
botanical art/gnidia pinifolia l pine leaved gnidia
Gnidia pinifolia, L. (Pine-leaved Gnidia)
botanical art/erica monsoniae lf lady ann monsons heath
Erica monsoniae, L.f. (Lady Ann Monson's Heath)
botanical art/psoralea aphylla jacq leafless psoralea
Psoralea aphylla, Jacq. ('Leafless Psoralea)
botanical art/podalyria styracifolia sims storax leaved
Podalyria styracifolia Sims ('Storax-leaved Podalyria')
botanical art/erica primuloides cowslip heath
Erica primuloides ('Cowslip Heath')
botanical art/clitoria ternatea l
Clitoria ternatea, L
botanical art/kniphofia rooperi moore
Kniphofia rooperi, Moore
botanical art/botanical illustrations/corypha umbraculifera talipot palm
Corypha umbraculifera (Talipot Palm)
botanical art/botanical illustrations/study coco mer lodicea sechellarum
Study of Coco de Mer - Lodicea sechellarum
botanical art/curtiss botanical magazine/buddleia colvilei smith m
Buddleia colvilei, Smith M
botanical art/botanical illustrations/laelia schilleriana splendens laeliocattleya
Laelia schilleriana splendens (Laeliocattleya schilleriana) - by Cornelius Durham
botanical art/marianne north/474 coco mer gorge praslin distant view mahe
474. Coco de Mer Gorge in Praslin, with distant view of Mahe Sil
botanical art/marianne north/271 view royal botanic garden peradeniya ceylon
271. A View in the Royal Botanic Garden, Peradeniya, Ceylon
botanical art/marianne north/270 distant view kinchinjunga darjeeling
270. Distant View of Kinchinjunga from Darjeeling
botanical art/marianne north/258 foliage flowers indian forest tree great
258. Foliage and Flowers of an Indian Forest Tree of great beaut
botanical art/marianne north/256 foliage flowers suriya portia pagodas
256. Foliage and Flowers of the Suriya or Portia; the Pagodas of
botanical art/marianne north/252 blue poppy growing mt tonglo
252. Blue Poppy growing on Mt. Tonglo, Sikkim-Himalaya
botanical art/marianne north/247 foliage flowers red cotton tree pair lo
247. Foliage and Flowers of the Red Cotton Tree and a pair of Lo
botanical art/marianne north/244 singular plants dark forests singapore borneo
244. Singular Plants of the Dark Forests of Singapore and Borneo
botanical art/marianne north/713 view lake wakatipe new zealand
713. View of Lake Wakatipe, New Zealand
botanical art/marianne north/231 foliage flowers fruit african tree painted
231. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of an African Tree painted in I
botanical art/marianne north/228 taj mahal agra north west india
228. The Taj Mahal at Agra, North-West India
botanical art/marianne north/196 rainbow bridal veil fall yosemite
196. Rainbow over the Bridal Veil Fall, Yosemite, California
botanical art/marianne north/356 angraecum urania moth madagascar
356. Angraecum and Urania Moth of Madagascar
botanical art/marianne north/137 foliage fruit akee jamaica
137. Foliage and Fruit of the Akee, Jamaica
botanical art/marianne north/128 foliage flowers loquat japanese medlar brazi
128. Foliage and Flowers of the Loquat or Japanese Medlar, Brazi
botanical art/marianne north/124 leonotis nepetaefolia doctor humming birds
124. Leonotis nepetaefolia and Doctor Humming Birds, Jamaica
botanical art/marianne north/123 foliage flowers alpinia nutans pair doctor
123. Foliage and Flowers of Alpinia nutans, and a pair of Doctor
botanical art/marianne north/115 aqueduct morro velho brazil
115. The Aqueduct of Morro Velho, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/114 foliage flowers fruit pitanga sulphur butt
114. Foliage, Flowers and Fruit of the Pitanga, and Sulphur Butt
botanical art/marianne north/110 night flowering lily ferns jamaica
110. Night-Flowering Lily and Ferns, Jamaica
botanical art/marianne north/106 brazilian flowers
106. Brazilian Flowers
botanical art/marianne north/102 brazilian 0rchid
102. A Brazilian 0rchid
botanical art/marianne north/97 foliage flowers coral tree double crested
97. Foliage and Flowers of a Coral tree and double-crested Hummi
botanical art/marianne north/85 avenue royal palms botafoga brazil
85. Side Avenue of Royal Palms at Botafoga, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/79 view old gold works morro velho brazil
79. View of the Old Gold Works at Morro Velho, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/77 wild flowers morro velho brazil
77. Wild Flowers at Morro Velho, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/73 yellow bignonia swallow tail butterflies view
73. Yellow Bignonia and Swallow-tail Butterflies with a view of
botanical art/marianne north/72 flowers hedychium botanic gardens brazil
72. Flowers of Hedychium, Botanic Gardens, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/49 trees laden parasites epiphytes brazilian
49. Trees laden with Parasites and Epiphytes in a Brazilian Gard
botanical art/marianne north/47 flowers datura humming birds brazil
47. Flowers of Datura and Humming Birds, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/46 flowers cultivated botanic garden rio janeiro
46. Flowers cultivated in the Botanic Garden, Rio Janeiro, Brazi
botanical art/marianne north/43 tijuca brazil palm foreground
43. Tijuca, Brazil, with a Palm in the foreground
botanical art/marianne north/37 flowers fruit maricojas passion flower brazil
37. Flowers and Fruit of the Maricojas Passion Flower, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/20 permanent snows santiago patagua hu
20. The Permanent Snows, from Santiago; Patagua in front with Hu
botanical art/marianne north/6 seven snowy peaks seen araucaria forest chili
6. Seven Snowy Peaks seen from the Araucaria Forest, Chili
botanical art/marianne north/2 common tobacco
2. Common Tobacco
botanical art/marianne north/57 wild flowers brazil
57. Wild Flowers of Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/53 view piedade mountains congo brazil
53. View of the Piedade Mountains, from Congo, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/34 view mr morits garden petropolis brazil
34. View in Mr. Morit's Garden at Petropolis, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/4 puzzle monkey trees guanacos chili
4. Puzzle -Monkey Trees and Guanacos, Chili
botanical art/marianne north/241 tomb ali ud deen neem tree delhi
241. Tomb of Ali ud Deen and Neem Tree, Delhi
botanical art/marianne north/painting 749
Painting 749
botanical art/marianne north/painting 619
Painting 619
botanical art/marianne north/448 view valley ceres mitchells passcabbage 448
448. View of the valley of Ceres, from Mitchell's Pass,"Cabbage 448
botanical art/marianne north/blue puya cactus home cordilleras marianne north
The Blue Puya and Cactus at home in the Cordilleras by Marianne North
botanical art/marianne north/new zealand flowers fruit marianne north painting
New Zealand Flowers and fruit Marianne North Painting 721
botanical art/marianne north/192 wild flowers neighbourhood new york
192. Wild Flowers from the Neighbourhood of New York
botanical art/botanical illustrations/orchidaceae vanilla planifolia
(ORCHIDACEAE) Vanilla planifolia
botanical art/botanical illustrations/orchidaceae vanilla planifolia
(ORCHIDACEAE) Vanilla planifolia
botanical art/botanical illustrations/cerbera manghas
Cerbera manghas
botanical art/landscapes/painting 132 valley artistss house gordontown
Painting 132, Valley behind the Artist's's house at Gordontown, Jamaca
botanical art/landscapes/painting 056 view ferns gongo brazil
Painting 056, View under the Ferns at Gongo, Brazil
botanical art/marianne north/626 palms botanic garden rio janeiro
626 - Palms in the Botanic Garden at Rio Janeiro
botanical art/landscapes/138 view bay rio sugar loaf mountain brazil
138. View of the Bay of Rio and the Sugar-loaf Mountain, Brazil
botanical art/landscapes/the welwitschia mirabilis
'The Welwitschia mirabilis'
botanical art/tulip bissard adelaar
Tulip 'Bissard Adelaar'
botanical art/stewartia malacodendron l
Stewartia malacodendron L
botanical art/asparagus curillis buch
Asparagus curillis, Buch
botanical art/ficus religiosa willd peepul pipal pipul
Ficus religiosa Willd. (Peepul, pipal, pipul or bo-tree)
botanical art/marianne north/foliage flowers fruit queensland tree black
'Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of a Queensland Tree, and Black Coc


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