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Tamarindus indica, tamarind Featured Botanical Art Image

Tamarindus indica, tamarind

Hand painted copy of an illustration of tamarind, commissioned by William Roxburgh. In his 'Flora Indica', Roxburgh describes this species as a magnificent tree, one of the largest in India. It generally flowers in May and ripens its fruit during the cold season. Roxburgh also reports an extract of a letter of Captain Pringle at Lucknow, where the qualities and the uses of various parts of this plant are explained. Other names: Tintri, Tintiree (Sanskrit); Tintiree, Tintil, Tentool (Bengali); Umli, Amli (Hindi); Chinta-chittoo (Telugu)


Elevation of the Great Pagoda Featured Botanical Art Image

Elevation of the Great Pagoda

Elevation of the Great Pagoda by William Chambers, Architect
Sir William Chambers first published this design of the Pagoda in 1763 in his 'Plans, elevations, sections, and perspective views of the gardens and buildings at Kew in Surry'. The building itself was constructed between Autumn 1761 and Spring 1762. Engraving on paper by T. Miller


835. A climbing Plant of Old Calabar Featured Botanical Art Image

835. A climbing Plant of Old Calabar

Aristolochia Goldieana, Hook. f. is one of the most singular of the many species of its genus,, having the largest flowers of any yet known. It is a native of western tropical Africa, and living plants or seeds of it were sent to this country about t


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