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765. Sandal Wood and Opossum Mouse, West Australia Featured Botanical Art Image

765. Sandal Wood and Opossum Mouse, West Australia

The Opossum Mouse is the smallest of all the marsupials. It is an herbivorous animal, living in tree ferns, and of nocturnal habits. Its prehensile tail is in constant use. The artist had three alive in London for some time. They are most gentle, and


Art, Artist, Leaves, Marianne North, Opossum Mouse, Painting, West Australia

602. A Bornean Crinum Featured Botanical Art Image

602. A Bornean Crinum

This plant (Crinum Northianum, Baker), is common enough in Borneo, yet it was not previously known to botanists.
Around the doorway, beginning on the left, are Cissus discolor, Blume, from Borneo, Hoya coriacea, Blume, and H.imperialis, Lindl., f


Art, Artist, Bornean Crinum, Borneo, Flower, Leaves, Marianne North, Painting, White

294. The Sacred Lotus or Pudma Featured Botanical Art Image

294. The Sacred Lotus or Pudma

Nelumbium speciosum, Willd., is the most beautiful and graceful of all the Water Lilies, its leaves and flowers usually rising considerably above the
surface of the water ; and at the same time it is the most interesting on account of its remote h


Art, Artist, China, Flower, India, Leaves, Lotus, Marianne North, Painting