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Marianne North Gallery

Victorian paintings

52. Twining Plant and Butterfly of Brazil
51. Foliage and Flowers of a Madagascar Plant
50. Landscape at Morro Velho, Brazil
48. Palm Trees and Boulders in the Bay of Rio, Brazil
45. Harvesting the Sugar-Cane in Minas Geraes, Brazil
44. Some Brazilian Flowers
42. Flor Imperiale, Coral Snake and Spider, Brazil
41. Indian Palm at Sette, Lagoa, Brazil
40. Boulders, Fishermans Cottage and Tree hung with Air Plant
39. Orchids and Creeper on Water-worn Boulders in the Bay of Rio
38. A Tropical American Water Plant
36. View in Brazil near 0uro Preto with Oil Palms
35. View of the Jesuit College of Caracas, Minas Geraes, Brazil
33. Flowers of Cassia corymbosa in Minas Geraes, Brazil
32. A tall Brazilian Climber
31. Inflorescence of the West Indian Pinguin
30. The Wild Tamarind of Jamaica with scarlet Pod and Barbet
29. Some Fruits and Vegetables used in Brazil
28. Group of Sago-yielding Cycads in the Botanic Garden at Rio J
27. Chilian Lilies and other Flowers in Black Jug and ornamented
26. The Blue Puya and Cactus at home in the Cordilleras, near Apnear Apogquindo
25. Inflorescence of the Blue Puya, and Moths, Chili
24. Sea-shore near Valparaiso, Chili
22. Chilian Ground Orchids and other Flowers
21. Parasites on Beech Trees, Chili
19. View near Quilpue, Chili
18. Chilian Flowers in Twin Mate Pot, and Chilian Strawberries
17. View of Concon, Chili, with its two Palms
15. Armed Birds Nest in Acacia Bush, Chili
14. Some Flowers of the Sterile Region of Cauquenas, Chili
13. Two Climbing Plants of Chili and Butterflies
12. Some Wild Flowers of Quilpue Chili
11. Mexican Poppies, Chilian Schizanthus and Insects
10. The Baths of Cauquenas in the Cordilleras South of, Santiago
9. Common Flowers of Chili
8. Chilian Palms in the Valley of Salto
3. Burning Bush and Emu Wren of Chili
2. Common Tobacco
191 Autumn tints in the White Mountains, New Hampshier, United States
Pandanus; oil on canvas
570. Other Species of Pitcher Plants from Sarawak, Borneo
488. Mandrinette and mountain home of the Pitcher Plant in the distance
448. View of the valley of Ceres, from Mitchells Pass, Cabbage 448. View of the valley of Ceres, from Mitchells Pass
Painting 104, Foliage, Flowers and Fruit of the Soursop, Brazil
832 - Distant View of Santiago, Chili. from Apoquindo
Painting 132, Valley behind the Artist ss house at Gordontown, Jamaca
262 African Baobab Tree in the Princesss Garden at Tanjore, India
Foliage, Flowers, and Seed-vessels of a rare West Australian Shrub, 1880

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