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Victorian paintings

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262 African Baobab Tree in the Princesss Garden at Tanjore, India Featured Marianne North Image

262 African Baobab Tree in the Princesss Garden at Tanjore, India

Adansonia digitata, Linn. the African Baobab, is remarkable for the gigantic proportions of its relatively short trunk, which sometimes, it is recorded, exceeds 100 feet in girth in its native country, tropical Africa. in consequence of the enormous


Africa, Baobab, India, Mrianne North, Oil, Painting, Tanjore, Traveller, Tree, Victorian

844. Australian Spear Lily Featured Marianne North Image

844. Australian Spear Lily

Aloe abyssinica, Lam, . was discovered by the celebrated traveller Bruce, who sent seeds of it to Paris about the year 1777, and it seems to have been in cultivation ever since. The genus Aloe is spread all over Africa, and the species are especially


Art, Artist, Australian, Leaves, Lily, Marianne North, Painting, Spear

836. A Brazilian Columnar Cactus Featured Marianne North Image

836. A Brazilian Columnar Cactus

Upwards of a thousand species of Cactaceae are known, nearly all of them inhabiting America, and ranging from Chili and Buenos Ayres in the south to about 50????? N. lat. their greatest concentration being in Mexico. They vary in stature from an inch o


Art, Artist, Brazilian, Cactus, Columnar, Leaves, Marianne North, Painting