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A selection of beautiful orchid illustrations

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Cymbidium elegans, 1838 Featured Orchids Image

Cymbidium elegans, 1838

Watercolour on paper. Original drawing for plate XIV in John Lindley's 'Sertum orchidaceum: a wreath of the most beautiful orchidaceous flowers; selected by John Lindley', published in 1838. Monochromatic illustration in sepia shows leaves, roots and flowers, with three drawings of flower details above main image. Some discoloration to lower edge of paper. Lindley wrote in his 'Sertum Orchidaceum', 'A native of Nepal, where it was discovered by Dr Wallich in 1821. The accompanying figure has been copied from a drawing in the possession of the Honourable Court of Directors of the East India Company, corrected from dried specimens'

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Moth orchid (Phalaenopsis), 1847 Featured Orchids Image

Moth orchid (Phalaenopsis), 1847

Hand-coloured lithograph on paper by Walter Hood Fitch, 1847. Artwork from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, volume 73, plate 4297. Curtis's Botanical Magazine is the longest running botanical periodical featuring colour illustrations of plants and has been published continuously since 1787

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Lycaste aromatica, 1827 Featured Orchids Image

Lycaste aromatica, 1827

Illustration of Lycaste aromatica by Robert Kaye Greville and engraved by Joseph Swan. Artwork from Exotic flora: containing figures and descriptions of new, rare or otherwise interesting exotic plants...with remarks upon their generic and specific characters, natural orders, history, culture, time of flowering by William Jackson Hooker, 1827; volume 3, t. 219

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