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plants fungi/medicinal/number plant species use category 2016
Number of plant species in each use category, 2016
history/portraits/francis bauer 1758 1840 botanical illustrator
Francis Bauer 1758 – 1840, Botanical Illustrator
history/portraits/william aiton 1731 1793
William Aiton (1731-1793)
history/portraits/elizabeth aiton c1740 1826
Elizabeth Aiton (c.1740-1826)
history/portraits/robert fortune
Robert Fortune
botanical art/art demand carey library livistona mauritiana
Art On Demand, Carey, Library, Livistona mauritiana, illustration
history/orangery rbg kew
The Orangery, RBG Kew
history/portraits/marianne north easel circa 1883
Marianne North at her easel, circa 1883
botanical art/marianne north/835 climbing plant old calabar
835. A climbing Plant of Old Calabar
botanical art/davidia involucrata plantae davidianae franchet
Davidia involucrata Plantae Davidianae by Franchet, 1888
plants fungi/lily leaf victoria regia john fiske allen
The Lily Leaf from Victoria Regia by John Fiske Allen
botanical art/marianne north/204 view redwood forest california
204. View in a Redwood Forest, California
history/palm house parterre
Palm House and Parterre
history/john haverfield c1741 1820
John Haverfield (c.1741-1820)
history/travel explorers expeditions/henry ridley leopard 1888 1912
Henry Ridley with leopard, 1888-1912
architecture/contemporary/img 7892
IMG 7892
history/portraits/portrait william townsend aiton 1766 1849
Portrait of William Townsend Aiton (1766 - 1849)
science/millennium seed bank msb
Millennium Seed Bank, (MSB)
science/millennium seed bank msb wakehurst rbg kew
Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) at Wakehurst, RBG Kew
gardens/wakehurst place/bluebells woodland wakehurst place
Bluebells in woodland at Wakehurst place
botanical art/tamarindus indica tamarind
Tamarindus indica, tamarind
history/eleanor morland gertude cope alice hutchings
Eleanor Morland, Gertude Cope and Alice Hutchings, Kew gardeners, 1898
gardens/pagoda rbg kew
The Pagoda, RBG Kew
The Orangery
botanical art/marianne north/793 foliage flowers seed vessel opium poppy
793. Foliage, Flowers, and Seed-vessel of the Opium Poppy
botanical art/marianne north/671 foliage cinnamon atlas moth
671. Foliage of a Cinnamon and Atlas Moth
botanical art/marianne north/614 turong pigeon orchid borneo purple brown
614. The Turong, or Pigeon Orchid in Borneo, and a purple-brown
botanical art/marianne north/251 cocoanut palms river bank near galle ceylon
251. Cocoanut Palms on the River Bank near Galle, Ceylon
botanical art/marianne north/240 mrs camerons models cocoanut teak tree
240. Some of Mrs. Cameron's Models, with Cocoanut and 'Teak Tree
botanical art/marianne north/227 view waterfall ramboddy ceylon
227. View from the top of the Waterfall at Ramboddy, Ceylon
botanical art/marianne north/217 south indian rhododendron
217. The South Indian Rhododendron
botanical art/marianne north/30 wild tamarind jamaica scarlet pod barbet
30. The Wild Tamarind of Jamaica with scarlet Pod and Barbet
botanical art/marianne north/085 avenue royal palms botafoga brazil
085 - Side Avenue of Royal Palms at Botafoga, Brazil
botanical art/adansonia digitata willd baobab upside down
Adansonia digitata, Willd. (Baobab or Upside-down tree)
architecture/elevation great pagoda first intended 1763
Elevation of the Great Pagoda as first intended, 1763
botanical art/marianne north/237 gardening nainee tal india
237. Gardening at Nainee Tal, India
history/barrons tree transplanter
Barron's Tree Transplanter
history/joseph hooker
Joseph Hooker
botanical art/joseph hooker/rhododendron dalhousiae frontispiece 1849
Rhododendron Dalhousiae (frontispiece), 1849
botanical art/marianne north/palace deeg bhurtpore india 1878
Palace of Deeg, Bhurtpore, India, 1878
plants fungi/ananas champaca ornamental pineapple
Ananas champaca, ornamental pineapple
plants fungi/neoregelia rosea
Neoregelia rosea
botanical art/honzo zufu collection/poppy papaver woodblock print manuscript paper
Poppy (Papaver), woodblock print and manuscript on paper, 1828
kew work/economic botany/fish tongues used grate guarana
Fish Tongues used to grate Guarana
science/rbg kew expedition cameroon
RBG Kew expedition to Cameroon
science/millennium seed bank msb wakehurst rbg kew
Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) at Wakehurst, RBG Kew
square market church jamestown 1810
The Square, with the Market and Church, Jamestown, 1810
botanical art/curtiss botanical magazine/fallopia japonica japanese knotweed
Fallopia japonica - Japanese Knotweed
cinchona bark specimens
Cinchona bark specimens
gardens/wakehurst place/nursery millennium seed bank
Nursery at the Millennium Seed Bank
kew work/history/wardian case use
Wardian case in use
botanical art/edible plants botanical art/solanum lycopersicum tomatoes
Solanum lycopersicum, Tomatoes
botanical art/edible plants botanical art/coffea arabica coffee
Coffea arabica, coffee
plants fungi/cinera cum flore
Cinera cum flore
plants fungi/edible plants/zingiber officinale ginger
Zingiber officinale, ginger
botanical art/papaver somniferum opium poppy
Papaver somniferum, opium poppy
history/vegetables growing demonstration plot rbg kew
Vegetables growing in the Demonstration Plot, RBG Kew, WWII
history/annie m gulvin
Annie M Gulvin
history/kew gardens question
The Kew Gardens Question
history/tea house kew gardens
The Tea House, Kew Gardens
history/rhododendron dell kew gardens
The Rhododendron Dell, Kew Gardens
history/portraits/henry ridley rubber tree singapore
Henry Ridley and rubber tree, Singapore
history/joseph hooker
Joseph Hooker
history/portraits/nathaniel wallich frs 28 january 1786 28 april
Nathaniel Wallich FRS (28 January 1786 – 28 April 1854)
botanical art/buildings/elevation great pagoda
Elevation of the Great Pagoda
botanical art/marianne north/613 foliage flowers fruit pepper plant
613. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of the Pepper plant
kew work/history/wardian case ca 1940 1950
The Wardian case, ca 1940- 1950
kew work/wardian case portable airtight greenhouse developed
The Wardian case a portable airtight greenhouse developed by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward
history/maps plans/tableau physique des andes et pays voisins physical
Tableau physique des Andes et pays voisins - Physical Tableau of the Andes and Neighboring
tulips double anemones
Tulips and Double Anemones
botanical art/portraits/portrait e h wilson
Portrait of E H Wilson
history/maps plans/map royal botanic gardens kew 1771
Map of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1771
botanical art/botanical illustrations/aconitum napellus
Aconitum napellus
architecture/glasshouses/palm house
The Palm House
botanical art/marianne north/794 temple almorah kumaon north west india
794. Temple at Almorah, Kumaon, North-west India
botanical art/marianne north/783 view botanic garden brisbane queensland
783. View in the Botanic Garden, Brisbane, Queensland
botanical art/marianne north/729 selection west australian flowers
729. A selection of West Australian Flowers
botanical art/marianne north/613 foliage flowers fruit pepper plant
613. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of the Pepper plant
botanical art/marianne north/573 mouth kuching river sarawak
573. Mouth of the Kuching River, Sarawak
botanical art/marianne north/566 view istana sarawak borneo
566. View from the Istana, Sarawak, Borneo
botanical art/marianne north/561 new pitcher plant limestone mountains sarawak
561. A new Pitcher Plant from the limestone mountains of Sarawak
botanical art/marianne north/557 view matang river sarawak borneo
557. View of Matang and River, Sarawak, Borneo
botanical art/marianne north/547 view river rajahs garden sarawak
547. View of the River from the Rajah's Garden, Sarawak
botanical art/marianne north/492 clove fruit view mahe seychelles
492. The Clove in fruit, and view over Mahe, Seychelles
botanical art/marianne north/481 moon reflected turtle pool seychelles
481. Moon reflected in a turtle pool, Seychelles
botanical art/marianne north/466 smelt fishing port victoria mah seychelles
466. Smelt-Fishing at Port Victoria, Mah, Seychelles
botanical art/marianne north/435 protea golden breasted cuckoo south africa
435. Protea and Golden-breasted Cuckoo, of South Africa
botanical art/marianne north/342 looking bazaar lake nynee tal kumaon nort
342. Looking down the Bazaar and Lake of Nynee Tal, Kumaon, Nort
botanical art/marianne north/294 sacred lotus pudma
294. The Sacred Lotus or Pudma
botanical art/marianne north/285 great lily nainee tal north india
285. The Great Lily of Nainee Tal, in North India
botanical art/marianne north/283 dibee dhoora dee deodar trees kumaon i
283. Dibee Dhoora Dee, with its Well and Deodar trees, Kumaon, I
botanical art/marianne north/282 a himalayan oak birds nainee tal india
282. A. Himalayan Oak and Birds, Nainee Tal, India
botanical art/marianne north/276 road nainee tal india spring time
276. Road up to Nainee Tal, India, in Spring time
botanical art/marianne north/268 temple dell binsur kumaon india
268. Temple in a Dell, Binsur, Kumaon, India
botanical art/marianne north/253 wild flowers kumaon india
253. Wild Flowers of Kumaon, India
botanical art/marianne north/224 study cereals cultivated kumaon india
224. Study of Cereals cultivated in Kumaon, India
botanical art/marianne north/127 foliage flowers cinnamon tree
127. Foliage and Flowers of the Cinnamon Tree
botanical art/marianne north/119 foliage flowers fruit nutmeg tree humming
119. Foliage, flowers and fruit of the Nutmeg tree, and Humming
botanical art/marianne north/1 victoria regia
1. Victoria regia
botanical art/marianne north/488 mandrinette mountain home pitcher plant
488. Mandrinette and mountain home of the Pitcher Plant in the distance
tree walkway
Tree Top Walkway
msb building
MSB Building
burned landscape tasmania
Burned landscape, Tasmania
acer x dieckii
george forest
George Forest
mvan slageren v whaley inspectiong rogeria
M.Van Slageren and V. Whaley inspectiong Rogeria longiflora
pagoda kew
The Pagoda at Kew