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Rare and endangerd plants from around the world

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Artocarpus altilis, 1828 Featured Endangered plants Image

Artocarpus altilis, 1828

Hand-coloured engraving by Rev. Lansdown Guilding, 1828. Artwork from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, volume 55, plate 2869. Current accepted plant name is Artocarpus altilis, commonly known as breadfruit. Curtis's Botanical Magazine is the longest running botanical periodical featuring colour illustrations of plants and has been published continuously since 1787

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Mammillaria rettigiana Featured Endangered plants Image

Mammillaria rettigiana

CACTACEAE, Mammillaria rettigiana, Mexico, IUCN Red List Vulnerable, grows among volcanic rocks in semi-desert, illegally collected


Biznaguita, Cactaceae, Iucn Red List, Mammillaria Rettigiana, Mexico, Vulnerable

Aloe penduliflora Featured Endangered plants Image

Aloe penduliflora

Aloe penduliflora, Kenya, IUCN Red List Endangered, grows in mist forest on crystalline mountains, collected for medicinal use


Aloe Penduliflora, Crystalline Mountains, Kenya, Medicinal Use, Mist Forest