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204. View in a Redwood Forest, California
Portrait of William Townsend Aiton (1766 - 1849)
Livistona Palm, Livistona mauritiana
Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) at Wakehurst, RBG Kew
Francis Bauer 1758 – 1840, Botanical Illustrator
Millennium Seed Bank, (MSB)
Zingiber officinale, ginger
Elevation of the Great Pagoda as first intended
Nursery at the Millennium Seed Bank
561. A new Pitcher Plant from the limestone mountains of Sarawak
Rhododendron Dalhousiae (frontispiece), 1849
Robert Fortune
Palace of Deeg, Bhurtpore, India, 1878
The Wardian case was a portable airtight greenhouse developed by Nathaniel Bagshaw
Eleanor Morland, Gertude Cope and Alice Hutchings, Kew gardeners, 1898
Clitoria ternatea, L.
Nymphaea rubra, R.
John Haverfield (c.1741-1820)
237. Gardening at Nainee Tal, India.
Marianne North painting in South Africa, circa 1883
Marianne North at her Easel
Marianne North by Julia Margaret Cameron
Tableau physique des Andes et pays voisins - Physical Tableau of the Andes and Neighboring Countries
Medusagyne oppositifolia
Neoregelia rosea
Poppy (Papaver), by Kan'en Iwasaki
Coffea arabica, coffee
RBG Kew expedition to Cameroon
Fish Tongues used to grate Guarana
The Square, with the Market and Church, Jamestown, 1810
Carl von Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and taxonomist
Barron's Tree Transplanter
Davidia involucrata Plantae Davidianae by Franchet, 1888
Cherry walk Panorama with the Temperate house
Nymphaea ‘Siam Pink’, waterlily
Horsebridge Wood
658. Distant View of Mount Fujiyama, Japan, and Wistaria.
Prunus mume
Prunus mume
Trichoglottis smithii
Cochineal beetle harvest, by Eadweard Muybridge
Snowdrop, galanthus nivalis
Iris stocksii
Iris stocksii
Women gardeners at Kew, 1939-1945
Palm House Pond, RBG Kew, winter

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