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Fruit Gallery

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Coffea arabica, coffee
New Zealand Flowers and fruit Marianne North Painting 721
Davidia involucrata Plantae Davidianae by Franchet, 1888
Artocarpus altilis, 1828
Seeds and Fruits
37. Flowers and Fruit of the Maricojas Passion Flower, Brazil
Citrus acida, R
Punica granatum, L. (Common Pomegranate), 1817
114. Foliage, Flowers and Fruit of the Pitanga, and Sulphur Butt
577. Flowers and Fruit of the Mangosteen, and Singapore Monkey
563. A Mangrove Swamp in Sarawak, Borneo
Solanum melongena, aubergine
Ficus carica
Ficus carica
Study of Coco de Mer - Lodicea sechellarum
Corypha taliera, c 1795 - 1804
221. Foliage, flowers and fruit of a common Indian forest tree, 1878
376. Male Papaw with Flowers and Imperfect Fruit
Theobroma cacao, 1887
Capsicum annuum
638. Foliage and Fruit of Sterculia parviflora
613. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of the Pepper plant
566. View from the Istana, Sarawak, Borneo
492. The Clove in fruit, and view over Mahe, Seychelles
475. Male inflorescence and Ripe Nuts of the Coco de Mer, Seyche
137. Foliage and Fruit of the Akee, Jamaica
119. Foliage, flowers and fruit of the Nutmeg tree, and Humming
Pandanus candelabrum, P.Beauv. (Lustre Screw-pine)
790. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of a Queensland Tree, and Black
683. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of a Malayan Tree
640. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of Eugenia, Sarawak, Borneo
18. Chilian Flowers in Twin Mate Pot, and Chilian Strawberries
128. Foliage and Flowers of the Loquat or Japanese Medlar, Brazi
Yuzu, (Citrus junos), woodblock print and manuscript on paper, 1828
Fragaria species, 1900
Fragaria species, 1846
Averrhoa species, 1803
Manilkara zapota, 1816ÔÇô27
Rheum officinale, 1863
Ribes rubrum, Ribes nigrum, 1867
Nephelium lappaceum, 1863
Cydonia oblonga, 1820
Punica granatum, 1791
Feijoa sellowiana, 1898
Ananas comosus, c. 1850
Diospyros kaki, 1878
Beure d amboise, Poiteau
Passiflora edulis, 1818
Citrus x aurantium, 1782

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Available as Licensed Images... Choose your image, Select your licence and Download the media