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10. The Baths of Cauquenas in the Cordilleras South of, Santiago
Solanum lycopersicum, Tomatoes
16. Wild Flowers of Chanleon, Chili
21. Parasites on Beech Trees, Chili
12. Some Wild Flowers of Quilpue Chili
1. Victoria regia
77. Wild Flowers at Morro Velho, Brazil
23. A Chilian Cactus in flower and its leafless Parasite in frui
Corylus avellana, hazel
Artocarpus altilis
Elettaria cardamomum, cardamom
369. Strelitzia augusta at St. Johns Kaffraria
783. View in the Botanic Garden, Brisbane, Queensland
5. Fern and Flowers bordering the river at Chanleon, Chili
24. Sea-shore near Valparaiso, Chili
22. Chilian Ground Orchids and other Flowers
17. View of Concon, Chili, with its two Palms
14. Some Flowers of the Sterile Region of Cauquenas, Chili
13. Two Climbing Plants of Chili and Butterflies
9. Common Flowers of Chili
3. Burning Bush and Emu Wren of Chili
Artocarpus incisa, 1788ÔÇô1812
23. A Chilian Cactus in flower and its Leafless Parasite in fruit
Ornithogalum nutans, 1794
Brassia verrucosa (Spider orchid), 1879
Brassavola perinii, 1840
Cucumis sativus, cucumber
Helleborus argutifolius
Helleborus orientalis
Citrus hystrix, Kaffir lime
Punica granatum, pomegranate
Juglans regia (walnut), 1887
Cocos nucifera (coconut), 1887
Kale and Brussels Sprouts varieties
Cyphomandra betacea - Tamarillo - Tree Tomato
Anemone hupehensis
Juglens nigra, Alburyensis
341. The Oleander
Stangeria eriopus
Ballochia rotundifolia
Barleria observatrix
182. Study of the Plant of Life. 182. Study of the Plant of Life
165. Cultivated and Wild Flowers, Jamaica
153. Foliage, flowers, and fruit of the Coffee, Jamaica
28. Group of Sago-yielding Cycads in the Botanic Garden at Rio J
courtyard by the Princess of Wales
caanda geese
caanda geese

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