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Wardian case in use
William Barrons Tree Transplanter
Henry Ridley
Henry Ridley
The Tea House, Kew Gardens
Waterlily Pond, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, ca 1900
Seedlings of Cinchona succirubra, India, 1861
Palm House and Parterre
William Dallimore
Henry Ridley and rubber tree, Singapore
Barrons Tree Transplanter
Eleanor Morland, Gertude Cope and Alice Hutchings, Kew gardeners, 1898
The Rhododendron Dell, Kew Gardens
Nathaniel Wallich FRS (28 January 1786 - 28 April 1854)
The Palm House
planting bulbs on the Broadwalk
Matilda Smith, botanical artist
Kew Pagoda from the Refreshment Pavillion
Richard Spruce
Cochineal beetle harvest, by Eadweard Muybridge
Women gardeners put on their clogs ready for work, World War II
Annie M Gulvin
Garden visitors inspect the Demonstration Plot at RBG Kew, during WWII
Walter Fitch, Llewllyn House, Kew
William Thiselton Dyer
The Birdman, Mr Allaway, 1901
Richard Spruce
Vegetables growing in the Demonstration Plot, RBG Kew, WWII
The Kew Gardens Question
Japanese Gateway, Kew Gardens c.1910
Wardian Case
Wardian Case
A View of the Palace from the North Side of the Lake
William Andrews Nesfields plan of the Broadwalk at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Joseph Reardon pictured during service in WWI
Frank Norman Howes, RBG Kew
Stella Ross Craig, botanical artist
Ann Webster, botanical artist, RBG Kew, 1951
The Royal Botanic Gardens Constabulary
The first four Keepers of the Herbarium, Kew Gardens
George Appleby
Aircraft crash, Kew, 1928
Ernest Henry Wilson
Women gardeners, The Rock Garden, RBG Kew, World War II
Female gardener working in the orchid house, during World War II
World War II, Kew Gardens: Talk at the Demonstration plot about growing your own food
Botanist Mary Ruth Fussel Jackson Taylor, RBG Kew, 1939
Women gardeners, RBG Kew, World War II
Potato tuber slices being dried in trays of peat, WWII

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