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Tableau Physique des Andes et Pays voisins - Physical Tableau of the Andes and Neighboring Countries
237. Gardening at Nainee Tal, India
584.The Quicksilver Mountain of Tegora, Sarawak, by moonlight
53. View of the Piedade Mountains, from Congo, Brazil
From top of Choonjerma Pass. 15,000ft looking West over Nepal, snows, 1848
Sea of mist from 16,000ft elevation, from Choonjerma Pass, 1854
823. View of the Sugarloaf Mountain from the Aqueduct Road, Rio Janeiro
43. Tijuca, Brazil, with a Palm in the foreground
Iriartea deltoidea, 1823-53
Chamaedorea linearis, 1823-53
Hyphaene thebaica, 1823-53
Oenocarpus distichus, 1823-53
Livistona inermis, 1823-53
24,000ft Junnoo from Choonjerma Pass, 16,000ft. East Nepal, 1854
The Dragon Arum, ca 1801-1807
787. A Bush Fire at Sunset, Queensland
238. Deodars and the Choor Mountain, from Nahl Dehra, India
798. Lake of Islands, Oodipore, Guzerat, Western India
424. View of Table Mountain, looking from Groat Post
364. View of a Table Mountain from Bishop Colensos House, Natal
243. Foliage and Flowers of two Indian Rhododendrons
95. View of the Old Gold Works from the verandah at Morro Velho
92. Scotchman hugging a Creole, Brazil. 92. Scotchman hugging a Creole, Brazil
83. View from Mr. Weilhorns House, Petropolis, Brazil
75. View from the Sierra of Petropolis, Brazil
Mt Namuli
Mt Namuli
Mt. Namuli
Mt. Namuli
Guanikontes in the Swakopmund river valley
Desert landscape
Natural Environments

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Available as Licensed Images... Choose your image, Select your licence and Download the media