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Seedlings of Cinchona succirubra, India, 1861
Victoria amazonica
The Rhododendron Dell, Kew Gardens
Fructus artischochi
Study of Coco de Mer - Lodicea sechellarum
Buddleia colvilei, Smith M
Buddleia crispa, Fitch W
Carl von Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and taxonomist
Bulbophyllum nocturnum J.J.Verm
Nymphaea carpentariae, Andre Leu
Heracleum mantegazzianum - Giant Hogweed
ACERACEAE, Acer palmatum, Japanese Maple
628. Wild Flowers of Sarawak, Borneo
Cornus nuttallii x florida
Directors House and Garden, Kew. Sir William Turner Thiselton-Dyer and Harriet Anne Thiselton-Dyer
The Palm House, Kew Gardens
Atropa belladonna - Deadly nightshade
Nymphaea, Kew, Stowaway blues
Nymphaea thermarum is the smallest waterlily in the world
swan and cygnets
Cyphomandra betacea - Tamarillo - Tree Tomato
Abutilon Boule De Neige
Fraxinus excelsior, Golden Ash
Anemone hupehensis
Rosa Kew Gardens
Bougainvillea X buttiana Enid Lancaster
000-69-17231, MYRSINACEAE, Ardisia Humilis, Himalayas
Ananas bracteatus - (Pineapple relative)
PINACEAE, Cedrus brevifolia, Cyprus Cedar
House of Walter Haydon, curator of the botanic station at Kotu in Gambia
Sir William Hooker
Miss Cotton posing on the leaf of giant waterlily Kew Gardens, 1923
Nymphaea Piyatarp
Nymphaea Piyalarp
Nymphaea carpentariae x violacea
Nymphaea Rattana Ubol
Nymphaea Carlas Sonshine
Nymphaea Bimini Twist
Nymphaea Carlos Magdalena
Nymphaea violacea x colorata
Poroporo, Bullibulli Solanum laciniatum
Poroporo, Bullibulli Solanum laciniatum
Acacia retinodes
Commidendrum rugosum
Rhododendron macgregoriae
Ipomoea horsfalliae var. briggsii
Encephalartos woodii
Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker

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Available as Licensed Images... Choose your image, Select your licence and Download the media