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Marianne North at her easel, circa 1883
Robert Fortune
Portrait of William Townsend Aiton (1766 - 1849)
Marianne North by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1800s
William Dallimore
Nathaniel Wallich FRS (28 January 1786 - 28 April 1854)
Matilda Smith, botanical artist
Richard Spruce
Annie M Gulvin
Tectona grandis Willd. watercolour on paper
Walter Fitch, Llewllyn House, Kew
Richard Spruce
Henry Ridley with leopard, 1888-1912
Carl von Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and taxonomist
Eriobotrya japonica, 1825
Artocarpus incisa, 1788ÔÇô1812
Camassia quamash, 1832
D. Oliver, Otto Stapf, W. Botting Hemsley, J. G. Baker
Joseph Rock and Elizabeth McClintock
Henry Fletcher Hance
Portrait of George Bentham (1800 -1884)
Jodrell Laboratory staff, 1963
William Thiselton Dyer, Director of Kew
William Thiselton Dyer, Director of Kew Gardens
The Kew Fire Brigade
Ernest Henry Wilson (1876-1930)
Adrien Rene Franchet - 1834-1900
Pere Armand David - 1826-1900
Emile Bretschneider M.D. 1833-1901 - St Petersburg Nov 15 1883
Victor Lemoine c.1899
Ernest Henry Wilson - May15th 1922
Maurice de Vilmorin
Alexander Wollaston
J. A.Simon, gardener at Kew in the 1940 s
Some of Kews female staff, 1942
Kaspar Maria von Sternberg, 1832
Sir William Thiselton Dyer
H. W. Sayer
H. W. Sayer
Harvesting tea leaves, India
W. Botting Hemsley
Sir William Hooker
Portrait of Charles Darwin, 1868, by Julia Margaret Cameron
Miss Cotton posing on the leaf of giant waterlily Kew Gardens, 1923
John Hutchinson
Joseph Rock (1884-1962)

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Available as Licensed Images... Choose your image, Select your licence and Download the media