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Royal Botanic Gardens Gallery

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Henry Ridley
Henry Ridley
Millennium Seed Bank (MSB) at Wakehurst, RBG Kew
Millennium Seed Bank, (MSB)
The Treetop Walkway, RBG Kew
Women gardeners put on their clogs ready for work, World War II
Garden visitors inspect the Demonstration Plot at RBG Kew, during WWII
Vegetables growing in the Demonstration Plot, RBG Kew, WWII
Portrait of Sir William Jackson Hooker (1785-1865)
RBG Kew expedition to Cameroon
Seasons - Spring Palm House, 2017
Sir Peter Crane of RBG Kew
The Broadwalk, RBG Kew
Joseph Reardon pictured during service in WWI
Ernest Henry Wilson
Aquatic Garden
Princess of Wales conservatory
Women gardeners, The Rock Garden, RBG Kew, World War II
Female gardener working in the orchid house, during World War II
World War II, Kew Gardens: Talk at the Demonstration plot about growing your own food
Botanist Mary Ruth Fussel Jackson Taylor, RBG Kew, 1939
Women gardeners, RBG Kew, World War II
Potato tuber slices being dried in trays of peat, WWII
Kews women gardeners, November 1916
Vegetables cultivated on Kew Green, 1917
Joseph Rock (1884-1962)
Henry Ridley and houseboat, Kuala Tembeling, Malaysia, 1911
John Davenport Snowden and wife, Uganda 1916
Pioneers Cabin at the base of a Sequoiadendron giganteum
Arthur Hill, Director of Kew 1922-41
Alexander Wollaston
Some of Kews female staff, 1942
Female gardener, RBG Kew, World War II
Women Gardeners (drinking tea) 1939
Women gardeners at Kew, 1939-1945
Kew Plant Collector
Seed Collection in the Namibian Desert
Studying Kniphofia (red hot pokers) on an RBG Kew expedition to Malawi
RBG Kew expedition to Malawi
Baobab (Adansonia) and Sisal (Agave sisalana) near Berenty nature reserve, Madagascar
Plant Pressing in Camp, Brunei
Flooding, Papua Province 1998
John Wilfred Sutch
William Turrill in gas protection suit, spring 1940
Observation post, RBG Kew, 1939
Sandbags outside the Herbarium, Kew, 1939
William Turrill botanising
Kewites and wives Kampala, Uganda, 1923
Portrait of Charles Darwin, 1868, by Julia Margaret Cameron
John Hutchinson

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