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Tart Collection

Background imageTart Collection: Prunus domestica, 1820

Prunus domestica, 1820
Illustration of Prunus domestica, commonly known as plum or European plum from Europas Medicinische Flora by Alois Sterler and Johann Nepomuck Mayerhoffer, 1820

Background imageTart Collection: Vaccinium macrocarpon, 1871

Vaccinium macrocarpon, 1871
Illustration of Vaccinium macrocarpon, commonly known as cranberry or American cranberry from Gartenflora by Eduard von Regel, 1871

Background imageTart Collection: Fragaria species, 1900

Fragaria species, 1900
Illustration of Fragaria species, commonly known as strawberry, from Revue Horticole, 1900

Background imageTart Collection: Fragaria species, 1846

Fragaria species, 1846
Illustration of Fragaria species, commonly known as strawberry, from Pomologie Francaise by Antoine Poiteau, volume 2, 1846

Background imageTart Collection: Rheum officinale, 1863

Rheum officinale, 1863
Illustration of Rheum officinale, commonly known as rhubarb, Chinese rhubarb or medicinal rhubarb from The Instructive Picture Book or Lessons from the Vegetable World by Charlotte Mary Yonge

Background imageTart Collection: Ribes rubrum, Ribes nigrum, 1867

Ribes rubrum, Ribes nigrum, 1867
Illustration of Ribes rubrum and Ribes nigrum, commonly known as redcurrant and blackcurrant, from Gartenflora, volume 16, plate 562, 1867

Background imageTart Collection: Nephelium lappaceum, 1863

Nephelium lappaceum, 1863
Illustration of Nephelium lappaceum, commonly known as rambutan, from Fleurs, Fruits et Feuillages Choisis de la Flore et de la Pomone de L Ile de Java by Berthe Hoola Van Nooten, 1863

Background imageTart Collection: Ananas comosus, c. 1850

Ananas comosus, c. 1850
Illustration of Ananas comosus, commonly known as pineapple by P. de Pannemaeker after a drawing by C. T. Rosenberg, Kew Collection c. 1850

Background imageTart Collection: Rubus idaeus, 1817

Rubus idaeus, 1817
Illustration of Rubus idaeus, commonly known as raspberry, from Pomona Britannica by George Brookshaw, 1817

Background imageTart Collection: Eriobotrya japonica, 1825

Eriobotrya japonica, 1825
Illustration of Eriobotrya japonica, commonly known as loquat. Watercolour on paper by Jean Gabriel Pretre from the Kew Collection, 1825

Background imageTart Collection: Prunus avium, 1853

Prunus avium, 1853
Illustration of Prunus avium, commonly known as cherry or sweet cherry, from La Belgique Horticole, 1853

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