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368. Two Flowering Shrubs of: Natal and a Trogon
602. A Bornean Crinum
Coffea arabica, coffee
6. Seven Snowy Peaks seen from the Araucaria Forest, Chili
614. The Turong, or Pigeon Orchid in Borneo, and a purple-brown
285. The Great Lily of Nainee Tal, in North India
16. Wild Flowers of Chanleon, Chili
1. Victoria regia
Stewartia malacodendron L
Gnidia pinifolia, L. (Pine-leaved Gnidia)
Dillenia speciosa Thunb
Erica monsoniae, L.f. (Lady Ann Monsons Heath)
Decabelone barklyi, 1875
77. Wild Flowers at Morro Velho, Brazil
20. The Permanent Snows, from Santiago; Patagua in front with Hu
123. Foliage and Flowers of Alpinia nutans, and a pair of Doctor
23. A Chilian Cactus in flower and its leafless Parasite in frui
497. Native Vanilla hanging from the Wild Orange, . Praslin, Seyc
Adansonia digitata, Willd. (Baobab or Upside-down tree)
Rhododendron Dalhousiae (frontispiece), 1849
Plumeria acuminata
740. West Australian Flowers
661. Study of Japanese Chrysanthemums and Dwarfed Pine
376. Male Papaw with Flowers and Imperfect Fruit
369. Strelitzia augusta at St. Johns Kaffraria
278. Michelia and Climber of Darjeeling, India
190. Foliage and Flowers of the Californian Dogwood, and Humming
11. Mexican Poppies, Chilian Schizanthus and Insects
Epidendrum vanille, 1774
Capsicum annuum
489. A Native Orchid and Butterflies, Mahe, Seychelles
430. Water-Lily and surrounding vegetation in Van Staadens Kloo
356. Angraecum and Urania Moth of Madagascar
127. Foliage and Flowers of the Cinnamon Tree
110. Night-Flowering Lily and Ferns, Jamaica
Trochetiopsis ebenus
Asparagus curillis, Buch
Jasminum scandens, Willd
Mesembryanthemum digitatum, 1772-1793
Amaryllis blanda (The Blush-lily)
Roupellia grata Wall. & Hook. (Cream-fruit)
Tritonia rochensis Ker Gawl. ( Bending-flowered Tritonia )
683. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of a Malayan Tree
641. Japanese Chrysanthemums, cultivated in this country
640. Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of Eugenia, Sarawak, Borneo
27. Chilian Lilies and other Flowers in Black Jug and ornamented
18. Chilian Flowers in Twin Mate Pot, and Chilian Strawberries

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Available as Licensed Images... Choose your image, Select your licence and Download the media