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history/charles metcalf
Charles Metcalf
history/dr r melville scientist kew 1940s
Dr R. Melville, scientist at Kew, 1940's
history/jodrell laboratory staff 1963
Jodrell Laboratory staff, 1963
history/stella ross craig botanical artist
Stella Ross Craig, botanical artist
history/ann webster botanical artist rbg kew 1951
Ann Webster, botanical artist, RBG Kew, 1951
history/matilda smith botanical artist
Matilda Smith, botanical artist
history/walter fitch llewllyn house kew
Walter Fitch, Llewllyn House, Kew
history/mounting room
The Mounting Room
history/john hutchinson
John Hutchinson
history/william thiselton dyer
William Thiselton Dyer
history/william thiselton dyer director kew
William Thiselton Dyer, Director of Kew
history/sir william thiselton dyer
Sir William Thiselton Dyer
history/william thiselton dyer director kew gardens
William Thiselton Dyer, Director of Kew Gardens
history/kew fire brigade
The Kew Fire Brigade
history/royal botanic gardens constabulary
The Royal Botanic Gardens Constabulary
history/first keepers herbarium kew gardens
The first four Keepers of the Herbarium, Kew Gardens
history/george appleby
George Appleby
history/h w sayer
H. W. Sayer
history/cf coates aboretum propagator 1943
C.F. Coates, Aboretum propagator, 1943
history/william barrons tree transplanter
William Barron's Tree Transplanter
history/arrival flagstaff off sion vista kew circa 1916
The arrival of the flagstaff off the Sion Vista, Kew, circa 1916
history/felled tree kew flagstaff british columbia 1914
Felled tree for Kew Flagstaff, British Columbia, 1914
history/great flagstaff rbg kew
The Great Flagstaff, RBG Kew
history/kew flag pole en route vancouver 1915
Kew Flag pole en route from Vancouver, 1915
history/birdman mr allaway 1901
The Birdman, Mr Allaway, 1901
history/joey stanley crane
Joey the Stanley Crane
history/aircraft emergency landing kew 1938
Aircraft emergency landing, Kew, 1938
history/aircraft crash kew 1928
Aircraft crash, Kew, 1928
history/stereograph royal botanic gardens kew
Stereograph, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
history/kew green richmond end august bank holiday
Kew Green, Richmond, at the end of the August Bank Holiday, 1926
history/kew pagoda refreshment pavillion
Kew Pagoda from the Refreshment Pavillion
history/burnt remains refreshment pavilion kew gardens
Burnt remains of the Refreshment Pavilion, Kew Gardens, 1913
history/waterlily pond royal botanic gardens kew ca
Waterlily Pond, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, ca 1900
history/amorphophallus titanum flowering 1901
Amorphophallus titanum flowering, 1901
history/ernest henry wilson
Ernest Henry Wilson
history/kew road entrance kew gardens
Kew Road and Entrance to Kew Gardens
history/kew pier steam boat
Kew Pier and steam boat
history/john hutchinson
John Hutchinson
history/william turrill botanising
William Turrill botanising
history/kewites wives kampala uganda 1923
"Kewites and wives" Kampala, Uganda, 1923
history/john davenport snowden wife uganda 1916
John Davenport Snowden and wife, Uganda 1916
history/ringing work bell india circa 1910
Ringing the work bell, India circa 1910
history/house walter haydon curator botanic station kotu
House of Walter Haydon, curator of the botanic station at Kotu in Gambia
history/cochineal beetle harvest eadweard muybridge
Cochineal beetle harvest, by Eadweard Muybridge
history/japanese hemp production circa 1910
Japanese hemp production circa 1910
history/preparing cinnamon sri lanka 1880s
Preparing cinnamon, Sri Lanka, 1880's
history/travel explorers expeditions/drying coffee straits settlements southeast asia
Drying coffee in the Straits Settlements, Southeast Asia, 1899
history/preparing cinnamon quills drying sri lanka
Preparing cinnamon quills for drying, Sri lanka, 1880's
history/coffee harvest batu cave estate singapore 1899
Coffee harvest at Batu Cave Estate, Singapore, 1899
history/seedlings cinchona succirubra india 1861
Seedlings of Cinchona succirubra, India, 1861
history/directors house garden kew sir william turner
Director's House and Garden. Kew. Sir William Turner Thiselton-Dyer and Harriet
history/men laden brick tea tibet
Men laden with 'Brick tea' for Tibet
history/drying withering tea leaves
Drying or 'withering' tea leaves
history/packing tea india
Packing tea in India
history/bringing plucked tea leaves india
Bringing in the plucked tea leaves in India
history/tea plantation far east
Tea plantation, Far East
history/palm house kew gardens
The Palm House, Kew Gardens
history/harvesting tea leaves india
Harvesting tea leaves, India
history/lalbagh botanic gardens bangalore india
Lalbagh Botanic Gardens, Bangalore, India
history/ernest henry wilson 1876 1930
Ernest Henry Wilson (1876-1930)
history/adrien rene franchet 1834 1900
Adrien Rene Franchet - 1834-1900
history/portraits/pere armand david
Pere Armand David
history/portraits/emile bretschneider
Emile Bretschneider
history/portraits/d oliver otto stapf w botting hemsley j g
D. Oliver, Otto Stapf, W. Botting Hemsley, J. G. Baker
history/portraits/victor lemoine c1899
Victor Lemoine c.1899
history/portraits/w botting hemsley
W. Botting Hemsley
history/portraits/joseph rock
Joseph Rock
history/portraits/ernest henry wilson
Ernest Henry Wilson
history/portraits/joseph rock elizabeth mcclintock
Joseph Rock and Elizabeth McClintock
history/portraits/henry fletcher hance
Henry Fletcher Hance
history/portraits/ernest henry wilson
Ernest Henry Wilson
history/portraits/maurice vilmorin
Maurice de Vilmorin
trees shrubs/pioneers cabin base sequoiadendron giganteum
"Pioneer's Cabin" at the base of a Sequoiadendron giganteum
plants fungi/medicinal/cultivation cinchona succirubra trees madulsima
Cultivation of Cinchona succirubra trees on the Madulsima Cinchona Cos estate, Ceylon
history/arthur hill director kew 1922 41
Arthur Hill, Director of Kew 1922-41
history/richard spruce
Richard Spruce
history/c w anderson cannonball tree
C W Anderson with Cannonball tree
history/j asimon gardener kew 1940s
J. A.Simon, gardener at Kew in the 1940's
history/sir william hooker
Sir William Hooker
kew work/history/kews female staff 1942
Some of Kew's female staff, 1942
history/female gardener rbg kew world war ii
Female gardener, RBG Kew, World War II
history/portrait charles darwin 1868 julia margaret
Portrait of Charles Darwin, 1868, by Julia Margaret Cameron
history/miss cotton posing leaf giant waterlily kew gardens
"Miss Cotton" posing on the leaf of giant waterlily Kew Gardens, 1923
kew work/women gardeners drinking tea 1939
Women Gardeners (drinking tea) 1939
kew work/women gardeners kew 1939 1945
Women gardeners at Kew, 1939-1945
history/portraits/kaspar maria von sternberg 1832
Kaspar Maria von Sternberg, 1832
history/portraits/kaspar maria von sternberg 1832
Kaspar Maria von Sternberg, 1832
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 1
The Temperate House, plan no 1
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 5
The Temperate House- plan no 5
history/maps plans/new wing temperate house plan 5
New wing to Temperate House- plan no 5
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 8
The Temperate House- plan no 8
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 8a
The Temperate House- plan no 8A
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 11
The Temperate House- plan no 11
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 12
The Temperate House- plan no 12
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 13
The Temperate House- plan no 13
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 15
The Temperate House- plan no 15
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 16
The Temperate House- plan no 16
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 17
The Temperate House- plan no 17
history/maps plans/temperate house plan 18
The Temperate House- plan no 18


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