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Portrait of Sir William Jackson Hooker Featured History Image

Portrait of Sir William Jackson Hooker

Portrait of Sir William Jackson Hooker (1785-1865) by Spiridione Gambardella.Painted circa November 1842. Classmark:BO 001.RBG Kew Art and Artefacts Collection. Oil painting: 275mm x 327mm. Printed text on verso of canvas reads: Prepared by Charles Roberson, 51 Long Acre London. Also inscribed in an unknown hand on verso: From this portrait the likeness in the Linnean Society was made Hooker, William Jackson, Sir (1785-1865). Letters in the Kew archives between Hooker and Francis Boott (an American physician and botanist who lived and worked in London) tell the story behind the creation of this painting [Archive ref: DC 63 f.55];[Archive ref: DC 63 f.42];[Archive ref: DC 63 f.39];[Archive ref: DC 63 f.38]

© RBG Kew

John Hutchinson Featured History Image

John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson, Keeper of Museums at Kew from 1936 to 1948. He curated Economic Botany collections and advised british ministries and colonial governments. Hutchinson is pictured here referring to dried specimens in the Herbarium while working on his revision of George bentham and Joseph Hooker's great work, Genera Plantarum, first published in 1862. Hutchinson's "Genera of Flowering Plants" was published in three volumes in 1964, 1967 and posthumously in 1972. he included 11, 500 genera and approached the task almost single-handedly


John Davenport Snowden and wife, Uganda 1916 Featured History Image

John Davenport Snowden and wife, Uganda 1916

John Davenport Snowden, botanical explorer and plant collector, with his wife, standing outside their tent at a camp near Kampala, Uganda, in 1916. Snowden began work in Uganda in 1911, when he became Assistant Agricultural Officer. He sent many specimens back to Kew. The red hot poker Kniphofia thompsonii var. snowdenii is named after him