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Carl von Linnaeus, Swedish botanist and taxonomist
Marianne North at her easel, circa 1883
Henry Ridley
Henry Ridley
Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker
Marianne North by Julia Margaret Cameron, 1800s
Thomas Drummond A.L.S. (1793-1835)
Francis Bauer 1758 - 1840, Botanical Illustrator
Group portrait showing Women Gardeners
Robert Fortune
William Aiton (1731-1793)
Elizabeth Aiton (c.1740-1826)
Portrait of William Aiton (1731-1793), holding a plant (Aitonia)
Portrait of William Townsend Aiton (1766 - 1849)
Portrait of Sir William Jackson Hooker
Portrait of David Douglas, F.L.S. (1799-1834) by Daniel Macnee
Stella Ross Craig, botanical artist
Annie M Gulvin
Henry Ridley and rubber tree, Singapore
Portrait of George Bentham (1800 -1884)
John Wilfred Sutch
Botanist Mary Ruth Fussel Jackson Taylor, RBG Kew, 1939
Joseph Reardon pictured during service in WWI
Frank Norman Howes, RBG Kew
Charles Metcalf
Dr R. Melville, scientist at Kew, 1940 s
Jodrell Laboratory staff, 1963
John Hutchinson
William Thiselton Dyer
William Thiselton Dyer, Director of Kew
Sir William Thiselton Dyer
William Thiselton Dyer, Director of Kew Gardens
The Royal Botanic Gardens Constabulary
The first four Keepers of the Herbarium, Kew Gardens
Eleanor Morland, Gertude Cope and Alice Hutchings, Kew gardeners, 1898
George Appleby
H. W. Sayer
H. W. Sayer
C.F. Coates, Aboretum propagator, 1943
William Dallimore
The Birdman, Mr Allaway, 1901
Ernest Henry Wilson
Joseph Rock (1884-1962)
William Turrill botanising
Ernest Henry Wilson (1876-1930)
Adrien Rene Franchet - 1834-1900
Pere Armand David - 1826-1900
Emile Bretschneider M.D. 1833-1901 - St Petersburg Nov 15 1883
D. Oliver, Otto Stapf, W. Botting Hemsley, J. G. Baker
Victor Lemoine c.1899

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