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Ernest Henry Wilson Featured Portraits Image

Ernest Henry Wilson

Ernest Henry Wilson - 1876-1930 - May15th 1922 - Ernest Henry "Chinese" Wilson, better known as E. H. Wilson, was a notable English plant collector who introduced a large range of about 2000 of Asian plant species to the West; some sixty bear his name


Adventurer, Black And White, Botanist, Botany, Ernest Henry Wilson, Explorer, Male, Man, Mono, Monochrome, Plant Collector, Portrait, Wilson E H

C W Anderson with Cannonball tree Featured Portraits Image

C W Anderson with Cannonball tree

C W Anderson with Cannonball tree, Couroupita guianensis, photographed at the Botanical Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana (then British Guiana), early 20th century. The large brown fruits can measure up to 25cm (10inches) in diameter. In contrast to the flowers, the fruit has a putrid odour


Archival, Archive, Ball, Balls, Black And White, Botanic Garden, Botanical Garden, Botanical Gardens Georgetown, British Empire, British Guiana, C W Anderson, Cannon, Cannonball Tree, Couroupita Guianensis, Empire, Fruit, Fruiting Body, Fruits, Guyana, History, Kew Gardens, Kew Library, Lecythidaceae, Mono, Monochrome, Oddity, Putrid, Quirky, Tree