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Marianne North at her easel, circa 1883 Featured Images Dated Image

Marianne North at her easel, circa 1883

Photograph of Marianne North (1830-1890), botanical artist, pictured here in Grahamstown, South Africa circa 1883.
Marianne North generally travelled unaccompanied, an extraordinary feat for a Victorian lady, only occasionally using letters of introduction to enable her to stay with the associates of those she met on her travels. Between 1871 and 1879, she visited Canada, the United States, Jamaica, Brazil, Japan, Sarawak, Singapore, Java, Sri Lanka and India. In 1880, Marianne met Charles Darwin, whom she regarded as the greatest man living, the most truthful as well as the most unselfish and modest'. On his suggestions, she set off on a further voyage, this time encompassing Australia and New Zealand. In 1882 she visited Africa, the final continent left unrepresented in her work

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6. Seven Snowy Peaks seen from the Araucaria Forest, Chili Featured Images Dated Image

6. Seven Snowy Peaks seen from the Araucaria Forest, Chili

A view of the Cordilleras near Angole, with Burning Bush (Embothirium coccineum), an orange-coloured Ground Orchid (Chloraea sp.), the white-flowered Libertia ixioides, Spreng. and other flowers, in the foreground


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