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Images Dated 2005

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Cinchona bark specimens Featured 2005 Image

Cinchona bark specimens

Cinchona bark specimens from the Economic Botany Collection, RBG Kew. Cinchona bark and its derived quinine alkaloids were the most effective treatment for malaria from the 17th century to the 1940s. As a medicinal herb, cinchona bark is also known as Jesuit's bark or Peruvian bark

© RBG Kew

Alkaloids, Bark, Cinchona, Economic Botany, Jesuits Bark, Medicinal, Medicine, Peruvian Bark, Quinine, Rbg Kew, Rubiaceae, Specimen

Sir Peter Crane of RBG Kew Featured 2005 Image

Sir Peter Crane of RBG Kew

Sir Peter Crane of RBG Kew on an expedition to Borneo, seen here climbing into the tree canopy of the Sabah rainforest, 2005

© The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Borneo, Botanist, Climbing, Conservation, Expedition, Horizontal, Kew, Kew Gardens, Malaysia, Rainforest, Rbg Kew, Research, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sabah, Science, Sir Peter Crane, Tree Canopy