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Tulips, 1799-1807 Featured 2007 Image

Tulips, 1799-1807

Colour mezzotint, finished by hand of Tulipa x gesneriana cultivars, commonly known as broken tulips. Artwork by Richard Earlom after Philip Reinagle, plate 25 from Robert Thornton's Temple of Flora, or Garden of Nature (1799-1807)

© The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

18th Century, Art, Botanical, Botany, Colour, Illustration, Liliaceae, Mezzotint, Robert Thornton, Temple Of Flora, Tulip, Tulipa, Tulips

Ferns Featured 2007 Image


WOODSIACEAE, Matteuccia, struthiopteris, 19764110, Northern Hemisphere


003984lt, 19764110, Chapter 2, Fern, Green, Matteuccia, Northern Hemisphere, Shade, Struthiopteris, Sun Light, Woodsiaceae

M.Van Slageren and V. Whaley inspectiong Rogeria longiflora Featured 2007 Image

M.Van Slageren and V. Whaley inspectiong Rogeria longiflora

Welwitschia Plain, Namibia Seed Collecting Expedition 2007


003984lt, Chapter9