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Images Dated 2008

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Boston ivy Featured 2008 Image

Boston ivy

VITACEAE, Parthenocissus, tricuspidata, 33878, China, Korea, Japan


33878, China, Japan, Korea, Parthenocissus, Suckers, Tricuspidata, Vitaceae

Sweet Gum, Liquidamber, styraciflua Featured 2008 Image

Sweet Gum, Liquidamber, styraciflua

Sweet Gum, HAMAMELIDACEAE, Liquidamber, styraciflua 19532860HLLR


19532860hllr, Autumn Colour, Hamamelidaceae, Liquid Amber, Red Leaves, Styraciflua, Sweet Gum

ORCHIDACEAE Phragmipedium besseae Yunan China* 003984LT Featured 2008 Image

ORCHIDACEAE Phragmipedium besseae Yunan China* 003984LT

ORCHIDACEAE, Phragmipedium besseae, Yunan China* 003984LT, Orc Phr bes 19923664ANLA 041101PL02

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Orchidaceae, Phragmipedium Besseae, Yunan China 003984lt, Yunan China* 003984lt