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191 Autumn tints in the White Mountains, New Hampshier, United States Featured 2010 Image

191 Autumn tints in the White Mountains, New Hampshier, United States

The leaf-shedding trees of North AMerica assume more brilliant colours in autumn than the tree of Europe. This is jnot altogether due to climate, for the North American trees retain this peculiarity when transplaned to this country


Art, Autumn, Landscape, Marianne North, Orange, Painting, Pioneer, Victorian, Yellow

Pandanus'; oil on canvas Featured 2010 Image

Pandanus'; oil on canvas

Inscribed in paint on verso of canvas, PANDANUS commen [sic] in the DELTA of the ZAMBESI, 1858'. In Livingstone's Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi, this painting is reproduced with the caption Pandanus or Screw Pa


Art, Habitat, Kongone, Mozambique, Oil, Paiting, Pandanaceae, Pandanus Sp, Screw Palm, Thomas Baines

Wardian Case Featured 2010 Image

Wardian Case

The Wardian case is a portable airtight, glass-lined greenhouse that was developed by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward (1791-1868) for the transportation of plants. The Wardian case revolutionised botany in the 19th century, allowing live plants to be transported across the globe. The airtight design meant that that plants stored inside were protected from smoke and pollution