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Images Dated 2010 November

Choose from 23 images in our Images Dated 2010 November collection.

Sibiraea altaiensis Featured November Image

Sibiraea altaiensis

ROSACEAE, Sibiraea altaiensis, 1970998, Indo China, Yugoslavia


1970998, Leaf, Leaves, Rosaceae, Sibiraea Altaiensis, Water Droplet, Yugoslavia

Pararistolochia ceropegioides Featured November Image

Pararistolochia ceropegioides

ARISTOLOCHACEAE, Pararistolochia ceropegioides climbing plant with clusters of orange bijous flowers


African, Aristolochaceae, Camaroon, Climber, Climbing, Ghana, Glossy Leaves, Habitat Loss, Iucn Red List, Pararistolochia Ceropegioides, Plant, Rare, Vulnerable