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Images Dated 2011

Choose from 934 images in our Images Dated 2011 collection.

The Grey Heron - Ardea cinerea Featured 2011 Image

The Grey Heron - Ardea cinerea

The Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea), is a wading bird of the heron family Ardeidae, native throughout temperate Europe and Asia and also parts of Africa. It is resident in the milder south and west, but many birds retreat in winter from the ice in colder


Adult, Animal, Ardea Cinerea, Ardeidae, Bird, Birds, Europe, Fauna, Fresh Water, Gray, Grey Heron, Heron, Hunting, Lake, Pond, Predator, Prey, Reflection, River, Still Water, Vertebrate, Wader, Wading Bird, Water, Water Birds, Water Fowl, Wildlifebirds

767. Study of the Bunya-Bunya Featured 2011 Image

767. Study of the Bunya-Bunya

This noble Conifer, Araucaria bidwillii, Hook., the bunya pine, is perhaps the most valuable indigenous food-tree in Australia, and only grows on one semi-circle of hills, within 100 miles in stretch, between the Brisbane and Burnett rivers, Queensland


Art, Artist, Bunya Pine, Edible Nuts, Leaves, Marianne North, Painting

729. A selection of West Australian Flowers Featured 2011 Image

729. A selection of West Australian Flowers

The bluish green plant in the lower left corner is the Salt Bush, apparently a species of A triplex, which covers thousands of miles of barren country, and will keep the sheep alive the first two years, until it is replaced by grass. Above are the sh


Art, Artist, Bluish Green, Lambertia Echinata, Leaves, Marianne North, Painting, West Australian Flowers, Yellow Flowers