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Images Dated 2011 June

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676. Leaf-Insects and Stick-Insects Featured June Image

676. Leaf-Insects and Stick-Insects

The singular forms assumed by these insects have suggested the names leaf -insect, stick-insect, &c., and these names are most appropriate, for the insects so closely resemble the twigs and leaves of the plants on which they live, that they seem to f


Art, Artist, Laeaves, Marianne North, Mr Bates, Painting, Plant

665. Banyan Trees at Buitenzorg, Java Featured June Image

665. Banyan Trees at Buitenzorg, Java

Roots descend from the branches of this tree (Ficus bengalensis, L.), on all sides, and after penetrating the ground they enlarge and grow into stems three or four feet or more in girth. In this way a
tree spreads and spreads until it forms a litt


Art, Artist, Banyan Trees, Branches, Buitenzorg, Java, Landscape, Leaves, Marianne North, Painting, Roots

645. Two Flowering Shrubs of Java Featured June Image

645. Two Flowering Shrubs of Java

Strophanthus dichotomous, DC., and Lagerstroemia indica, L. The five-tailed corollas of the first are singular, as well as its large seed-vessel, which consists of two carpels spread out horizontally ; and the wavy-petalled, rosy flowers of the latter are not unfamiliar in the greenhouses of this country