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Images Dated 3rd May 2011

368. Two Flowering Shrubs of: Natal and a Trogon
351. View of the Mountains from the railway between Durban and M
380. A common Plant on sandy sea-shores in the Tropics
376. Male Papaw with Flowers and Imperfect Fruit
374. Looking up Stream from the mouth of the St. Johns River, K
The arboretum, RBG Kew
400. Social Birds and Social Herbs at Malmesbury, South Africa
399. Brunsvigia multiflora, near Queenstown, South Africa
398. The Hottentot Fig and other Succulents from the Karroo
397. A tree of the sea-shore, St. Johns River, Kaifraria
396. A Selection of Flowers from Table Mountain, Cape of Good Ho
395. Buphane toxicaria and other Flowers of Grahamstown
394. Star of Bethlehem from Algiers
393. Part of the Residence, St. Johns, Kaffraria. 393. Part of the Residence, St. Johns, Kaffraria
392. Two climbing plants of St. Johns, and Butterflies
391. Clivia and Grapnel Plant, South Africa
390. Vegetation on the St. Johns River, Kaffraria
388. Various species of Hibiscus, with Tecoma and Barleria, Nata
387. Aloe and Passionflower, South Africa
386. Aloes at Natal
385. Some grotesque plants from the Karroo, South Africa
384. Kaffir Plumtrees overhanging St. Johns River, Kaffrar
383. A Remnant of the Past near Verulam, Natal
382. The Kaffir Plum, painted in the Perie Bush, South Africa
381. The Knobwood and Flowers of Natal
379. Mouth of the St. Johns River, Kaifraria, and aboriginal
378. Amatungula in Flower and Fruit and Blue Ipomoea, South Afri
377. Crinum Moorei and Honeysuckers, Bashi River, South Africa
375. Flowers of St. Johns in Pondo Basket
373. The Gates of St. Johns River, Kaffraria. 373. The Gates of St. Johns River, Kaffraria
372. Undercliff and its two Fairies, with Raintree, St. John
371. Group of Natal Flowers
370. A Tree Euphorbia, Natal
369. Strelitzia augusta at St. Johns Kaffraria
367. A. Giant Kniphofia near Grahamstown
366. A Cycad in fruit in Mr. Hills Garden, Verulam, Natal
364. View of a Table Mountain from Bishop Colensos House, Natal
363. Trees from the Artists Hut at St. Johns, South Africa
362. White and Yellow Everlastings (with varieties of Mantis to
361. Papyrus or Paper Reed growing in the Ciane, Sicily
360. Doum and Date Palms on the Nile above Philae, Egypt
359. Looking seaward from the mouth of St. Johns River, Kaffrar
358. Ordeal Plant or Tanghin and Parokeets of Madagasear
357. Blue Lily and large Butterfly, Natal
355. Morning Glory, Natal
354. White Convolvulus and Kaffirboom, painted at Durban, Natal
353. Cork Trees at Cintra, near Lisbon

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