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Francis Bauer 1758 - 1840, Botanical Illustrator Featured 2012 Image

Francis Bauer 1758 - 1840, Botanical Illustrator

Portrait of Francis Bauer (1758-1840), F.R.S., F.L.S, oil on canvas, ca. early 19th century. Unknown artist.
920 mm x 700 mm.
Part of Sir William Hooker's Collection, purchased by the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Works & Public Buildings for Kew in 1866


Botanical Illustrator, Francis Bauer, Oil Painting

Men laden with Brick tea for Tibet Featured 2012 Image

Men laden with Brick tea for Tibet

Tachienlu (now Kanding), West Sichuan, China : Men laden with Brick tea for Tibet. One man's load weighs 317 lbs, the other's 298 lbs. Men carry this tea as far as Tachien-lu, accomplishing 6 miles per day over difficult roads. Photograph taken by the plant-hunter Ernest Wilson, July 30, 1908


1908, 20th Century, Archival, Archive, Black And White, Border, Botanic Garden, Botanical Garden, British Empire, Carry, Carrying, China, Dardo, Dartsedo, Empire, Ernest Wilson, History, Hunter, Kanding, Kew Gardens, Kew Library, Kucheng Township, Load, Loaded, Men, Mono, Monochrome, Plant, Plant Hunter, Planthunter, Porter, Porters, Sichuan, Strength, Strongylodon Macrobotrys, Szechuan, Szechwan, Tachien Lu, Tachienlu, Tatsienlu, Tea, Tea Bricks, Tibet, Transporting, West

Portrait of E H Wilson Featured 2012 Image

Portrait of E H Wilson

Ernest Henry "Chinese" Wilson, better known as E. H. Wilson, was a notable English plant collector who introduced a large range of about 2000 of Asian plant species to the West; some sixty bear his name

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Adventurer, Botanist, China, Chinese, Chinese Plants, Ernest Henry Wilson, Explorer, Japan, Plant Collector, Plant Hunter, Plantsman, Tibet, Wilson E H