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Zingiber officinale, ginger Featured 2013 Image

Zingiber officinale, ginger

Zingiber officinale, ginger. Kohler, Kohler's Medicinal Plants, 1887, Plate 202


Art, Botanical Art, Botanical Illustration, Color, Colour, Cookery, Culinary, Edible, Flavor, Flavour, Flavouring, Flower, Flowering, Flowers, Foliage, Food, Ginger, Herb, Herbal, Koehler, Kohler, Köhlers Medicinal Plants, Leaf, Leaves, Medicine, Medizinal, Medizinal Pflanzen, Petals, Red, Rhizome, Root, Roots, Spice, Spices, Watercolor, Watercolors, Watercolour, Watercolours, Yellow, Zingiber Officinale, Zingiberaceae

Vanilla planifolia Featured 2013 Image

Vanilla planifolia

Epidendrum vanille, Vanilla planifolia, vanilla. REGNAULT Nicolas Francois (1746-c.1810) and Genevive de Nangis REGNAULT (b.1746). La Botanique mise a la portee de tout le Monde: ou collection des Plantes d'usage dans la Medecine, dans les Alimens et dans les Arts. Vol. 3, 1774, Tab.156 t. 156


Bean, Beans, Biological, Biology, Botanical, Botanical Art, Botanical Illustration, Botany, Cookery, Culinary, Edible, Epidendrum Vanilla, Flavor, Flavour, Flavouring, Flora, Flower, Flowering, Flowers, Foliage, Food, Genevive De Nangis, La Botanique Mise A La Port E De Tout Le Monde, La Botanique Mise A La Portée De Tout Le Monde, Leaf, Leaves, Nicolas Franc Ois, Nicolas François, Orchid, Orchidaceae, Planifolia, Pod, Pods, Regnault, Seed, Seeds, Vanilla, Vanille, Vine, Watercolor, Watercolour, White

Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), woodblock print and manuscript on paper, 1828 Featured 2013 Image

Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum), woodblock print and manuscript on paper, 1828

Wood block print and manuscript on paper, Japan, 1828. The wood block prints meassure approximately 25 cm in height. The wood block print is from Honzo Zufu or Illustrated Manual of Medicinal Plants by Iwasaki Kan'en, also known as Iwasaki Tsunemasa, 1786-1842. This botanical manual was compiled during the Tokugawa era (1603-1867)

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