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Images Dated 2013

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Black truffle Featured 2013 Image

Black truffle

Tuber melanosporum as Tuber cibarium. Black truffle, Perigord truffle, French black truffle. Illustration from Coloured figures of English fungi or mushrooms, London, 1797 - 1803 by James Sowerby, Vol. 3, 1801, Tab. 309, t. 309


Aromatic, Ascocarp, Ascomycete, Biological, Biology, Black Truffle, Botanical Art, Botanical Illustration, Cookery, Cross Section, Culinary, Edible, Flavor, Flavour, Flavouring, Food, French Black Truffle, Fruit, Fruiting Body, Fruits, Fungi, Fungus, Ingredient, Mushroom, Mushrooms, Mycological, Mycology, P Rigord Truffle, Perigord Truffle, Sowerby, Truffles, Tuber, Tuber Cibarium, Tuber Melanosporum

Poppy, papaver somniferum Featured 2013 Image

Poppy, papaver somniferum

Opium poppy, papaver somniferum. Illustration by J.J Grandville from Les Fleurs Animees, (The Flowers Personified), publ. Paris, 1847. Pavot the poppy sprinkles her seeds, putting the insects to sleep


Anthropomorphism, Caricatur, Flowers Personified, Grandville, Illustration, Insects, Les Fleurs Anim Es, Les Fleurs Animees, Narcotic, Opiates, Opium, Papaver Somniferum, Paris, Poppy, Seeds, Sleep, The Flowers Personified

Trees in the landscape Featured 2013 Image

Trees in the landscape

Kew B2B Trees and Shrubs: Trees in the landscape


Fog, Mist, Misty, Tree In Mist, Winter