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The arrival of the flagstaff off the Sion Vista, Kew, circa 1916 Featured 2015 Image

The arrival of the flagstaff off the Sion Vista, Kew, circa 1916

The arrival of the flagstaff off the Sion Vista, Kew: "accepting delivery", circa 1916. Gifted by the Provincial Governement of British Columbia, it was towed along the Thames by tug boat. Produced from the trunk of a Douglas Fir, it stood at approximately 91m. Its erection was delayed by World War I and it was not until October 1919 that the flagstaff was finally hoisted into place. A flagpole, (twice replaced) stood at Kew from 1861 to 2007, when the loss of a great tree was considered too high a price to pay, and it was not replaced


Amorphophallus titanum flowering, 1901 Featured 2015 Image

Amorphophallus titanum flowering, 1901

The Titan arum, Amorphophallus titanum is known as the corpse flower in its native Indonesia because of the rancid smell, described by Curtis's Botanical magazine as a mixture of rotten fish and burnt sugar, which it emits as it flowers. It caused a sensation when it first bloomed at Kew in June 1889; the odour attracted "many bluebottle flies" and visitors were greatly disturbed by the smell. The artist Matilda Smith, who recorded the first flowering endured many hours painting it and consequently felt ill. The inflorescence can grow to more than 2.5m and is surrounded by a single purple leaf. These photographs were taken over a four-day period during a later blooming in 1901


Kewites and wives Kampala, Uganda, 1923 Featured 2015 Image

Kewites and wives Kampala, Uganda, 1923

This group photograph of "Kewites and wives" was taken in Kampala, Uganda, in 1923. Second from the right: John Davenport Snowden, with his wife, centre. Arthur Marshall (back row far right) was the pony boy in Kew Gardens but after attending lectures he obtained the Kew certificate and was elected honorary member of the Ugandan Branch; his wife is seated in front of him. The third woman, Dorothy Halkerston, sits in front of her husband Donald Halkerston, chair of the Ugandan Branch of the Kew Guild