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Images Dated 2016

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Pinus sylvestris Fastigiata Featured 2016 Image

Pinus sylvestris Fastigiata

Pinus sylvestris Fastigiata Page 146 - Fig 188, The illustrated dictionary of gardening : a practical and scientific encyclop?dia of horticulture for gardeners and botanists, By Nicholson, George Nicholson (1847-1908. Published in parts, Mar. 1884-Oct. 1887.Volume VI PIN - SCL
Pinus sylvestris Fastigiata is commonly known as the Sentinel Pine

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Fallopia japonica - Japanese Knotweed Featured 2016 Image

Fallopia japonica - Japanese Knotweed

Tab.6503. - Fallopia japonica as Polygonum cuspidatum the original illustration is by Anne Barnard, watercolour on paper, 1880;
The plate, 6503, was published in Curtis's Botanical Magazine, volume 106, and is a hand-coloured lithograph by John Nugent Fitch after the original drawing by Anne Barnard, 1880

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