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23. A Chilian Cactus in flower and its leafless Parasite in frui Featured Images Dated Image

23. A Chilian Cactus in flower and its leafless Parasite in frui

Referring to the various Chilian landscapes, we see that columnar cacti are a conspicuous feature. This, the-commonest species, is Cereus Quisco, Gay, which grows to a height of 1.5 to 20 feet, and is often preyed upon by a leaf less parasite, Lorant


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Seedlings of Cinchona succirubra, India, 1861 Featured Images Dated Image

Seedlings of Cinchona succirubra, India, 1861

Seedlings of Cinchona succirubra, photographed on arrival in Ootacamund, southern India, 9 April 1861. Collected by Richard Spruce in Ecuador, the plants were received by WIlliam McIvor, a former Kew gardener, who was superintendent of the Botanic Garden in Ootacamund, where he successfully cultivated the red bark trees. Extracts of the bark of Cinchona produced quinine, a malaria medicine

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Clitoria ternatea, L Featured Images Dated Image

Clitoria ternatea, L

Original illustration from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, published as plate 1542, 1st April 1813. Watercolour and pencil on paper. According to Curtis's Botanical Magazine this species is a native of the East Indies & of Cochin-China as well as Egypt. Apparently the seeds were first brought to Europe from Ternate, one of the Moluccan Islands. This specimen was communicated by Mr Anderson, from the collection of James Vere, Esq. at Kensington Gore, in July 1812