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185. Vegetation of the Desert of Arizona Featured Images Dated Image

185. Vegetation of the Desert of Arizona

There are various Cacti, including the Suarrow or Suguaro of the Mexicans (Cereus giganteus, Englm.), the largest and most striking member of the family, sometimes as much as sixty feet high, and two feet in diameter. The plant with whip-like branche


Arizona, Art, Artist, Cactus, Desert, Flower, Landscape, Leaves, Marianne North, Mountains, Orange, Painting, Red

Seeds stored at the Millennium Seed Bank Featured Images Dated Image

Seeds stored at the Millennium Seed Bank

Seed storage in the vault of the Millennium Seed Bank (MSB)at RBG Kew's Wakehurst site in West Sussex, UK, 2010. The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership is the largest ex situ plant conservation programme in the world. The focus is on global plant life faced with the threat of extinction and plants of most use for the future. The seeds saved are conserved in seed banks as an insurance against the risk of extinction in their native habitat

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