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The Welwitschia mirabilis Featured Images Dated Image

The Welwitschia mirabilis

Oil on canvas. Inscribed in paint on verso The Welwitschia mirabilis, Nyanka Kykamkop or plant of Hykamkop or Otjitumbo Otjihooro. Stump with a head. South West Africa T. Baines. Sketched Hykamkop May 9 1861. Painted 15 Whitehall Place, London April 10 1867'. A watercolour sketch by Baines of the same plant is also held in Kew's collections, probably that referred to by Baines in the above inscription. In his Explorations of South West Africa, Baines noted The Late Sir Wm J. Hooker acknowledged my sketch and specimen as the first he had ever seen, but it had almost simultaneously been discovered by Dr. Welwitsch south of Loando, and his description arriving first, it was very rightly called after him... It has but two leaves, but the manner in which they were split up led me to think there were four, The gentleman seen sketching the plant is Baines, his ox-wagons featured in the distance. The identity of the person seated behind Baines is unknown


Citrus acida, R Featured Images Dated Image

Citrus acida, R

Watercolour on paper, no date (late 18th, early 19th century). Hand painted copy of an illustration commissioned by William Roxburgh (1751-1815). In his Flora Indica, Roxburgh writes: Under the above definition I mean to comprehend the various varieties, if not species, of the sour lemons or limes found in India, and as the petioles are very generally winged I think it necessary to separate them from the lemons and citrons which have not that mark, or have it in a very trifling degree. Roxburgh then describes nine different varieties which he has studied in Bengal, ...the whole being cultivated under my own eye, in the Botanic garden [Calcutta], and are arranged according to the estimation in which they are held by both natives and Europeans. These varieties are: 1) Pati-Leboo, or Neboo; 2) Kaguji-Neboo; 3) Gora-Neboo; 4) China-gora-Neboo; 5) Camaral-Neboo; 6) Rungpore Lime; 7) Taba-Neboo; 8) Arabian Lime from Muscat; 9) Meetha Lemoo

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