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Davidia involucrata
Nymphaea, Kew, Stowaway blues
Hemerocallis Baja
Habenaria medusa orchid
Angraecum sesquipedale of Madagascar, and his hypothesis that it was pollinated by a bizzare
Horsebridge Wood
Iris stocksii
Iris stocksii
Nymphaea Siam Pink, waterlily
Snowdrop, galanthus nivalis
Spring daffodils
Magadania campbellii
Chionodoxa planting in front of the Orangery
Erythronium oregonum
Magnolia kobus
Spring Crocus in front of the Temperate House
Nymphaea Piyatarp
Nymphaea Piyalarp
Nymphaea carpentariae x violacea
Nymphaea carpentariae, Andre Leu
Nymphaea Rattana Ubol
Nymphaea Carlas Sonshine
Nymphaea Bimini Twist
Nymphaea Carlos Magdalena
Nymphaea violacea x colorata
Nymphaea thermarum is the smallest waterlily in the world
Chilean fire bush
Temperate House
Davidia involucrata
Handkerchief tree
Magnolia campbellii
Camellia saluenensis
Mahonia lomariifolia
Narcissus romieuxii
Iris planifolia
Lantana camara
Rhododendron macgregoriae
Fuchsia triphylla Thalia
Dionaea muscipula
Heliamphora nutans
Sarracenia purpurea
Aloe volkensii
Pelargonium acetosum
Diplotaxis renuifolia
Tulipa turkestanica
Gentiana acaulis
Arum creticum
Arum creticum
Frankenia laevis

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