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Quercus castaneifolia acorns Featured Trees and Shrubs Image

Quercus castaneifolia acorns

Acorns of Quercus castaneifolia (chestnut-leaved oak). Family: Fagaceae. An extremely rare sight in Britain, the chestnut-leaved oak is native to the mountains of the Caucasus and Iran


Acorn, Chestnut Leaved Oak, Detail, Quercus Castaneifolia, Rbg Kew, Tree

Taxus baccata Featured Trees and Shrubs Image

Taxus baccata

TAXACEAE, Taxus baccata, common yew, red berries


Berries, Close Up, Common Yew, Conifer, Evergreen, Poisonous, Red, Taxaceae, Taxus Baccata, Toxic, Tree, Yew

Acer Featured Trees and Shrubs Image


ACERACEAE, Acer pseudoplatanus 'brilliantissimum', 190970201CLIB


190970201clib, Aceraceae, Close Up, Leaf, Leaves, Maple, Summer, Sycamore, Tree