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'Flowers of Datura and Humming Birds, Brazil' Featured Wildlife Image

'Flowers of Datura and Humming Birds, Brazil'

Oil on canvas, no date. According to the gallery guide, 'Datura arborea, Linn., [Brugmansia arborea L.] is a native of tropical America, and is commonly cultivated in other countries, as it grows like a rank weed. It is better known in English greenhouses under the name Brugmansia arborea, Pers. [...] the leaves are smoked to cure asthma; and the Greeks use them to procure pleasant dreams. The Humming Bird is Trochilus anais'


Kew sheep Featured Wildlife Image

Kew sheep

four legged wooly contributors to the Kew heritage festival


Ancient Breed, Black Welsh Mountain, Ewe, Festival, Fleece, Grazing, Sheep, Wool