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Fungi Gallery

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Fungi Gallery: Coprinopsis atramentaria, 1775-1798
Coprinopsis atramentaria, 1775-1798
Fungi Gallery: Lycoperdon excipuliforme, 1847-1855
Lycoperdon excipuliforme, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Amanita rubescens, 1847-1855
Amanita rubescens, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Pseudoinonotus dryadeus, 1847-1855
Pseudoinonotus dryadeus, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Scleroderma verrucosum, Scleroderma citrinum, 1847-1855
Scleroderma verrucosum, Scleroderma citrinum, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Hydnum repandum, 1847-1855
Hydnum repandum, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Morchella esculenta, 1847-1855
Morchella esculenta, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Cortinarius violaceus, 1847-1855
Cortinarius violaceus, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Tuber melanosporum, 1847-1855
Tuber melanosporum, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Mitrula paludosa, 1847-1855
Mitrula paludosa, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Pholiota squarrosa, 1847-1855
Pholiota squarrosa, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Grifolia frondosa, 1847-1855
Grifolia frondosa, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Cantharellus cibarius, 1847-1855
Cantharellus cibarius, 1847-1855
Fungi Gallery: Geastrum limbatum, 1847-55
Geastrum limbatum, 1847-55
Fungi Gallery: Hypholoma acutum, 1803
Hypholoma acutum, 1803
Fungi Gallery: Usnea austroafricana, Ricasolia virens, beard lichen, lichen
Usnea austroafricana, Ricasolia virens, beard lichen, lichen
Fungi Gallery: Ramalina sp. 1789
Ramalina sp. 1789
Fungi Gallery: Lactarius deliciosus, Tafein 6, 1831-1846
Lactarius deliciosus, Tafein 6, 1831-1846
Fungi Gallery: Tafeln 4, 1831-1846
Tafeln 4, 1831-1846
Fungi Gallery: Stropharia aeruginosa, 1795-1815
Stropharia aeruginosa, 1795-1815
Fungi Gallery: Tafein 6, 1831-1846
Tafein 6, 1831-1846
Fungi Gallery: Pholiota squarrosa, 1795-1815
Pholiota squarrosa, 1795-1815
Fungi Gallery: Myriostoma coliforme, 1795-1815
Myriostoma coliforme, 1795-1815
Fungi Gallery: Peziza vesiculosa, 1795-1815
Peziza vesiculosa, 1795-1815
Fungi Gallery: Hydnoporia tabacina, 1795-1815
Hydnoporia tabacina, 1795-1815
Fungi Gallery: Crucibulum laeve, 1795-1815
Crucibulum laeve, 1795-1815
Fungi Gallery: Laccaria amethystina, 1795-1815
Laccaria amethystina, 1795-1815
Fungi Gallery: Calvatia gigantea, c.1915-45
Calvatia gigantea, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Boletus edulis, c.1915-45
Boletus edulis, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Coprinopsis atramentaria, c.1915-45
Coprinopsis atramentaria, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Lactarius deliciosus, c.1915-45
Lactarius deliciosus, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Clitocybe nebularis, c.1915-45
Clitocybe nebularis, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Chlorophyllum rhacodes, c.1915-45
Chlorophyllum rhacodes, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Calocybe gambosa, c.1915-45
Calocybe gambosa, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Amanita rubescens, c.1915-45
Amanita rubescens, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Inosperma erubescens, c.1915-45
Inosperma erubescens, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Amanita muscaria, c.1915-45
Amanita muscaria, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Amanita phalloides, c.1915-45
Amanita phalloides, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Amanita phalloides, 1944
Amanita phalloides, 1944
Fungi Gallery: Amanita pantherina, c.1915-45
Amanita pantherina, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Fistulina hepatica, c.1915-45
Fistulina hepatica, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Coprinus comatus, c.1915-45
Coprinus comatus, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Illustration of Cantharellus cibarius, c.1915-45
Illustration of Cantharellus cibarius, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Lepista personata, c.1915-45
Lepista personata, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Agaricus campestris, c.1915-45
Agaricus campestris, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Pleurotus ostreatus, c.1915-45
Pleurotus ostreatus, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Leccinum scabrum, c.1915-45
Leccinum scabrum, c.1915-45
Fungi Gallery: Agaricus arvensis, c.1915-45
Agaricus arvensis, c.1915-45

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