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Images Dated 2011 November

Choose from 19 images in our Images Dated 2011 November collection.

Rhododendron macgregoriae Featured November Image

Rhododendron macgregoriae

ERICACEAE, Rhododendron macgregoriae, 196744903


196744903, Ericaceae, Flower, Orange, Orange Flower, Rhododendron Macgregoriae

Taxodium distichum, Swamp Cypress Featured November Image

Taxodium distichum, Swamp Cypress

TAXODIACEAE, Taxodium distichum, Swamp Cypress, SE USA - Deciduous conifer making a medium-sized tree with a conical crown, fibrous red-brown bark and soft, feathery, light green foliage turning rich yellow-brown in autumn. Small ovoid co


Arboretum, Arborial, Autumn, Autumn Color, Autumn Colour, Biology, Botanical, Botany, Fall, Foliage, Gardens, Horticultural, Horticulture, Kew Living Collection, Orange, Park, Plant, Red, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Season, Seasonal, Swamp Cypress, Taxodiaceae, Taxodium Distichum, Tree, Vegetation, World Heritage Site