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Ferns & mosses Gallery

View in the Forest on Mount Wellington, Tasmania
Moss on the roots of trees at the Francis Rose Reserve, Wakehurst Place. This is
765. Sandal Wood and Opossum Mouse, West Australia
270. Distant View of Kinchinjunga from Darjeeling
534. Orchid and Ferns of Sarawak, Borneo
5. Fern and Flowers bordering the river at Chanleon, Chili
Painting 056, View under the Ferns at Gongo, Brazil
Astrocaryum aculeatum, 1823-53
Iris Dell, Wakehurst Place
Osmunda regalis
Francis Rose Reserve, Wakehurst
The Larkworthy Table - made from New Zealand woods, and inlaid with 37 species of New Zealand ferns
Dicksonia antartica
843. A New Zealand Tree Fern
786. Gum Trees and Tree Ferns, Victoria
777. Trees near Fernshaw, Victoria
774. A Natural Fernery in Victoria
758. Fernshaw, Victoria
747. Tree Ferns in Victoria, with a nest of the Lyre Bird
732. Palms and Ferns, a scene in the Botanic Garden, Queensland
704. Tree Fern in the Preanger Mountains, Java
679. The Ardjuno Volcano from Tosari, Java
667. Cascade at Tji Boddas, Java
644. A Clearing in the Forest of Tji Boddas, Java, with bank of
598. Stagshorn Fern, and the Young Rajah of Sarawak, with Chines
569. Pitcher Plants with Fern behind, Sarawak, Borneo
554. Group of Tree Ferns around the spring at Matang, Sarawak
495. Screw-Pines, Palms and Ferns, from path near Venns Town, M
470. Screw-Pines, Palms, Tree-Ferns, and Cinnamon Trees on the h
443. South African Flowers, and Snake - headed Cater pillars
274. Himalayan Flowers embedded in Maidenhair Fern
235. Valley of ferns near Rungaroon, India
179. View in the Fernwalk, Jamaica
131. Tree Fern and Whish-whish in the Punch Bowl Valley, Jamai 131. Tree Fern and Whish-whish in the Punch Bowl Valley
110. Night-Flowering Lily and Ferns, Jamaica
68. Tree Ferns and Climbing Bamboos in Gongo Forest, Brazil
56. View under the Ferns at Gongo, Brazil
Tree Ferns, Tasmania
tree ferns
tree ferns
tree fern
tree fern
Dicksonia Antartica
The Temperate House
Fern wall in the Princess of Wales Conservatory
Ferns & mosses

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