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Victorian paintings

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835. A climbing Plant of Old Calabar Featured Marianne North Image

835. A climbing Plant of Old Calabar

Aristolochia Goldieana, Hook. f. is one of the most singular of the many species of its genus,, having the largest flowers of any yet known. It is a native of western tropical Africa, and living plants or seeds of it were sent to this country about t


Aristolochiaceae, Art, Artist, Calabar, Climbing, Leaves, Marianne North, Old, Painting, Plant

557. View of Matang and River, Sarawak, Borneo Featured Marianne North Image

557. View of Matang and River, Sarawak, Borneo

Palms (Arenga saccharifera, Labill., &c.) and Mangosteens in the foreground. Toddy, or Palm Wine, an intoxicating drink, is made from the Arenga and sugar is obtained by boiling and evaporation of the sap of this palm. A good tree will yield 100 pint


Art, Artist, Borneo, Drink, Foreground, Landscape, Leaves, Marianne North, Matang, Painting, Palms, River, Sarawak, Wine

217. The South Indian Rhododendron Featured Marianne North Image

217. The South Indian Rhododendron

This (Rhododendron nidagiricum, Zenk.) is the only species found in the Peninsula of India. Some botanists have regarded itas distinct from the Himalayan R. arboreurn; but the differences are very trifling, and it is usually treated as a variety. See


Art, Artist, Flower, Landscape, Leaves, Marianne North, Mountains, Painting, Peninsula, Pink, Rhododendron, South India