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William Roxburgh

Art Commissioned by the author of "Flora Indica; or Descriptions of Indian Plants", 1820

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botanical art/tamarindus indica tamarind
Tamarindus indica, tamarind
botanical art/adansonia digitata willd baobab upside down
Adansonia digitata, Willd. (Baobab or Upside-down tree)
botanical art/oryza sativa l rice
Oryza sativa, L. (Rice)
botanical art/heliconia buccinata roxb
Heliconia buccinata, Roxb
botanical art/eugenia malaccensis willd
Eugenia malaccensis, Willd
botanical art/erythrina indica willd
Erythrina indica, Willd
botanical art/caesalpinia sappan willd
Caesalpinia sappan, Willd
botanical art/butea frondosa willd
Butea frondosa, Willd
botanical art/gossypium herbaceum willd cotton
Gossypium herbaceum, Willd. (Cotton)
botanical art/nymphaea rubra r
Nymphaea rubra, R
botanical art/nelumbium speciosum willd lotus
Nelumbium speciosum, Willd. (Lotus)
botanical art/dillenia speciosa thunb
Dillenia speciosa Thunb
botanical art/corypha elata gebang palm
Corypha elata (gebang palm)
botanical art/asparagus curillis buch
Asparagus curillis, Buch
botanical art/ficus religiosa willd peepul pipal pipul
Ficus religiosa Willd. (Peepul, pipal, pipul or bo-tree)
botanical art/cactus indicus r opuntia
Cactus indicus, R. (Opuntia)
botanical art/lagerstroemia regina willd
Lagerstroemia regina, Willd
botanical art/jonesia asoca r
Jonesia asoca, R
botanical art/citrus acida r
Citrus acida, R
botanical art/gossypium herbaceum willd dacca cotton
Gossypium herbaceum, Willd. (Dacca cotton)
botanical art/honzo zufu collection/chestnut rose rosa roxburghii woodblock print
Chestnut rose (Rosa roxburghii), woodblock print and manuscript on paper, 1828
botanical art/calamus fasciculatus roxb
Calamus fasciculatus, Roxb
botanical art/trichosanthes heteroclita r
Trichosanthes heteroclita, R
botanical art/garcinia pedunculata roxb
Garcinia pedunculata, Roxb
botanical art/poa tenella l
Poa tenella, L
botanical art/melica latifolia r
Melica latifolia, R
botanical art/bambusa balcooa roxb bamboo
Bambusa balcooa, Roxb. (Bamboo)
botanical art/cyperus alopercuroides rottb
Cyperus alopercuroides, Rottb
botanical art/arum bulbiferum roxb
Arum bulbiferum, Roxb
botanical art/arum campanulatum roxb
Arum campanulatum, Roxb
botanical art/arum margaritifer roxb
Arum margaritifer, Roxb
botanical art/arum sessiliflorum roxb
Arum sessiliflorum, Roxb
botanical art/pothos pinnata willd
Pothos pinnata, Willd
botanical art/licuala peltata r
Licuala peltata, R
botanical art/areca catechu l betelnut pinang areca nut
Areca catechu, L. (Betelnut, pinang, areca nut)
botanical art/dracaena atropurpurea roxb delliptica
Dracaena atropurpurea, Roxb. (D.elliptica)
botanical art/dracaena maculata r
Dracaena maculata, R
botanical art/asparagus adscendens r
Asparagus adscendens, R
botanical art/asparagus racemosus willd
Asparagus racemosus, Willd
botanical art/dioscorea aculeata roxb
Dioscorea aculeata, Roxb
botanical art/watercolour paper date late 18th early 19th
Watercolour on paper, no date (late 18th, early 19th century)
botanical art/dioscorea pentaphylla willd
Dioscorea pentaphylla, Willd
botanical art/urania speciosa willdravenala madagascariensis
Urania speciosa, Willd.(Ravenala madagascariensis, 'Traveller's Palm')
botanical art/urania speciosa willd ravenala madagascariensis
Urania speciosa Willd. (Ravenala madagascariensis, 'Traveller's
botanical art/zingiber officinale roscoe ginger
Zingiber officinale, Roscoe (Ginger)
botanical art/quercus squamata roxb
Quercus squamata Roxb
botanical art/morus alba willd white morus
Morus alba, Willd. (White morus)
botanical art/ficus indica banyan tree
Ficus indica (Banyan tree)
botanical art/celosia cernua roxb
Celosia cernua Roxb
botanical art/lettsomia setosa roxb
Lettsomia setosa Roxb
botanical art/strychnine tree strychnos nux vomica
Strychnine Tree, Strychnos nux-vomica
botanical art/strychnos potatorum willd clearing nut
Strychnos potatorum, Willd. (Clearing nut)
botanical art/jasminum scandens willd
Jasminum scandens, Willd
botanical art/jasminum chrysanthemum rjasmine
Jasminum chrysanthemum, R.(Jasmine)
botanical art/plumeria acuminata
Plumeria acuminata
botanical art/willughbeia edulis r
Willughbeia edulis, R
botanical art/diospyros ebenum kon ebony
Diospyros ebenum, Kön. (Ebony)
botanical art/diospyros melanoxylon willd ebony
Diospyros melanoxylon, Willd. (Ebony)
botanical art/cactus chinensis r opuntia ficus indica
Cactus chinensis, R. (Opuntia ficus-indica)
botanical art/panax fruticosum willd
Panax fruticosum, Willd
botanical art/luffa pentandra roxb
Luffa pentandra, Roxb
botanical art/luffa acutangula roxb
Luffa acutangula Roxb
botanical art/momordica mixta roxb
Momordica mixta, Roxb
botanical art/cucumis utilissimus roxb
Cucumis utilissimus, Roxb
botanical art/watercolour paper date late 18th early 19th
Watercolour on paper, no date (late 18th, early 19th century)
botanical art/lawsonia inermis willd henna
Lawsonia inermis, Willd. (Henna)
botanical art/rosa chinensis
Rosa chinensis
botanical art/rosa glandulifera r white rose
Rosa glandulifera, R. (White rose)
botanical art/rosa pubescens r
Rosa pubescens, R
botanical art/senna alata r
Senna alata, R
botanical art/senna glauca r
Senna glauca, R
botanical art/senna sumatrana r
Senna sumatrana, R
botanical art/mimosa suma r
Mimosa suma, R
botanical art/indigofera coerulea roxb
Indigofera coerulea, Roxb
botanical art/indigofera violacea r
Indigofera violacea, R
botanical art/cassia bacillus gaert
Cassia bacillus, Gaert
botanical art/cassia rhombifolia r
Cassia rhombifolia, R
botanical art/caesalpinia tortuosa r
Caesalpinia tortuosa, R
botanical art/abrus precatorius willd
Abrus precatorius, Willd
botanical art/mangifera sylvatica r
Mangifera sylvatica, R
botanical art/vitis latifolia r
Vitis latifolia, R
botanical art/vitis indica willd
Vitis indica, Willd
botanical art/oxalis sensitiva willd
Oxalis sensitiva, Willd
botanical art/sterculia lanceaefolia sterculia coccinea
Sterculia lanceaefolia & Sterculia coccinea
botanical art/bombax pentandrum willd
Bombax pentandrum, Willd
botanical art/hibiscus longifolius willd
Hibiscus longifolius, Willd
botanical art/gossypium obtusifolium r cotton
Gossypium obtusifolium, R. (Cotton)
botanical art/gossypium religiosum willd nankeen brown
Gossypium religiosum, Willd. (Nankeen or brown cotton)
botanical art/garcinia mangostana willd
Garcinia mangostana, Willd
botanical art/chaulmoogra odorata rgynocardia odorata
Chaulmoogra odorata, R.(Gynocardia odorata)
botanical art/nymphaea lotus willd
Nymphaea lotus, Willd