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American Bog Plants

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American Bog Plants. Fetid pothos. Sarracenia flava, Dionaea muscipula. I Fetid pothos. II Pitcher plant. III Venus's fly trap. Illustration from 'New illustration of the sexual system of Carolus von Linnaeus' by Robert J. Thornton, London, 1799, Publ. Dr. Thornton. Tab. 25 T.025

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Date: 9th May 2013

Copyright Status: Copyrighted Work

Source: Herbarium Library Art and Archiv

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Country: United Kingdom

Credit: RBG Kew

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Image Size: 5998 x 8808 Pixels

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Associated Categories: Botanical Art

Associated Categories: Plants and Fungi

Associated Categories: Endangered plants

Keywords:  american bog plants  biology  bog  botanical  botany  carnivorous  dion xe6 a muscipula  dionæa muscipula  ericales  fetid pothos  flora  flower  flowering  flowers  foetid  foliage  landscape  leaf  leaves  mountains  new illustration of the sexual system of carolus von linnaeus  pitcher plant  pitfall traps  plant  plant life  plantae  sarracenia flava  sarraceniaceae  swamp  thornton  venus  venuss fly trap  water  yellow